Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Gay Vegans: Another Meatless Monday

By Dan Hanley

Are Meatless Mondays becoming all the rage?

I think so!

Everywhere people are writing about it, posting about it, blogging about, and mentioning it in conversation. The premise is easy: don't eat meat on Monday. Once you see how easy it was then don't eat meat on the next Monday. And so on.

Easy indeed.

Breakfast, if you eat breakfast, is probably the easiest. Cereal and toast. Or a smoothie. Or pancakes! If you want to be a little creative and don't need to rush, do a tasty tofu scramble with hash browns and toast. There are hundreds of recipes online for scrambled tofu!

Lunch is just as easy. Within one block of my office there is a Mexican restaurant where I can get a bean and rice and veggie burrito; a Mediterranean place where I can get hummus and veggies; and a Whole Foods market where my choices are endless. I can also bring a couple of sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly or a mock-meat (like Tofurky slices) sandwich.

Dinner. If I want to stay home Mike and I can think of many scrumptious meals. Some take longer than others. A simple stir fry is always easy and with kale, spinach, Swiss chard or even beets added to it the meal is pretty healthy. Top that onto pasta or rice. Add a salad if you wish. And if we want to dine out we can go to a local Asian cafe or Indian restaurant have a ton of choices.

It really is easy. And best of all, your choice to not eat meat for one day has health, environmental, and animal welfare consequences, all good ones!

Try it. Invite friends to join you! Let us know how it went.

For more support, check out any of the groups and vegan food bloggers we have linked here. Lots of great information and ideas.

Thank you for reading!

This post originally appeared on Dan Hanley's website The Gay Vegans. Republished with permission.

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