Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gay News of the World: Batman & Robin Finally Do It, LA's Measure B Passes, Ratchet Horoscopes and More!

Dynamic duo is right! It's Batman and Robin as you've never seen them but always hoped and dreamed you would - naked and making sweet, sweet love to one another! (XBIZ - link NSFW)

L.A. County's Measure B passes. Find out how this will affect your gay porn viewing experience. Because it will affect your gay porn viewing experience! (XBIZ - link NSFW)

Guilty pleasure website of the week - Ratchet Horoscopes. What's your sign? And what's your Ratchet Potential? (RatchetHoroscopes.com - link NSFW)

The DEXTER Wrap-Up Podcast is now available via YouTube (including the newest one, featuring special guest star Yvonne Strahovski)!  (Showtime's YouTube Channel)

Kensington Park Hotel and newly opened San Francisco Playhouse create “Play Date Package” For theater lovers (i.e. gays). (PersonalityHotels.com)

In recognition of 'Skyfall' being the first Bond movie featuring a gay villain (the brilliant Javier Bardem), here's a list of 11 of the silver screens most memorable LGBT villains including the delightful Matt Damon as Tom Ripley. (Salon.com)

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