Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Homo for the Holidays: Krewe of Chaos Presents 1st Annual Christmas Tree and Decoration Auction Fundraiser

Krewe of Chaos will be holding their first annual Christmas Tree and Decoration Auction this Thursday, December 6 at Bug Theatre and will be a fundraiser for Rainbow Alley, a drop-in center designed to support Denver's LGBT youth.

And just who are the Krewe of Chaos? "We are an organization that exists to fund-raise for other groups that maybe don’t have the manpower or resources to fund-raise for themselves," Krewe member Justin Hatcher. "We focus primarily on the LGBT community and we're mainly known for our annual event Boots and Boxers. This was our sixth year for Boots and Boxers and it was very successful. We ended up bring in over $12,000 that night."

Although the primary beneficiary of Thursday night's fundraising efforts will be Rainbow Alley, there will be one specially decorated tree that will be auctioned off to benefit Children's Hospital Colorado.

But don't plan on seeing anybody in boots and/or boxers this time around. "Not this time," says Hatcher. "This event will be a very family-friendly affair for the holidays. And I really have to give a shout out to Equinox Theatre Company. They are really helping us with this event and are going to be providing the evening’s entertainment – singing and a variety show. It should be a great time."

And what does Krewe of Chaos have planned for the new year? "2012 was a rebuilding year for us," explains Hatcher. "We scaled back a little bit but now we are ready to expand for 2013 with a couple of fun events planned for spring. We’re looking forward to continuing to help the community and t to put on fun events that people will enjoy and be happy to support. Everybody knows Boots and Boxers and now we’re ready to put some new events on the map."

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