Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Year In Review - The Queerties

In case you missed it in all the holiday hubbub, Queerty recently announced the winners in its first annual user-choice awards, The Queerties 2012: The Best of the Gay Web

Queerty readers voted 265,000 times for the favorite stars and shows, from political leaders to sports figures to celebrities, many of whom became known through Queerty for making a difference in the battle for equality. More than 100 newsmakers in 20 categories received nominations.

Some winners included
  • President Obama in "Stop the Presses" for his support of marriage equality
  • Ben Cohen as "Top Jock" for promoting equality in the sports world
  • Darren Criss for "Straight Crush of the Year"
  • Latrice Royale for "Favorite 'Drag Race' Queen"
  • Born This Way Photos for "Meme of the Year"
  • Anderson Cooper for "Coming Out of the Year
"Our readers are intensely interested in figures ranging from Hillary Clinton to Chris Kluwe to Tammy Baldwin that we cover regularly," said Chris Bull, editorial director of Queerty. "The Queerties was a terrific opportunity to give users a platform to have their voice heard about their favorites and, in some cases, least favorites."

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