Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out Singer Ari Gold Has New Project, Looks Good Naked

Out Pop singer Sir Ari Gold recently finished a new naked photoshoot with Tjay Nelson. Please to enjoy above and below. 
In other Ari news, Sir Ari Gold has just released his newest single, "Play My F**kn Record," and has just finished shooting a 3D music video for it (his 10th video). The single is included on a new maxi-single of the same name, which features six different remixes. 

Ari is also getting ready to release his newest album - his fifth - a career retrospective of new remixes from all of his studio albums, including his Top 10 Billboard hit, "Where the Music Takes You," and #1 Logo hit, "Make My Body Rock." It will also feature brand new tracks. Fans can become a part of the new project by going to his indiegogo campaign, which also includes more information.

In other, other Ari news, did you know Sir Ari Gold was a voice actor for the "Jem & The Holograms" cartoon? He provided the singing voice for Bah Nee (left), the worst-dressed of the Starlight girls.

In other Jem news, did you know series creator Christy Marx is now writing for Marvel Comics? Not anything anybody wants to read ("Amethyst") but still, kinda neat. 


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