Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Books: Betty White Rules the World

Who do we love more in the world but Betty White? Author Mike Pingel celebrates her almost 70 years in the entertainment business with the release of his newest book,  Betty White Rules the World” book The Ultimate (and Unauthorized) Guide to Television's Grande Dame: The Ultimate and Unauthorized Guide to Television’s Grande Dame.

The book is a funny, heartfelt and a loving tribute to America’s Sweetheart, Betty White Rules the World looks at her extraordinary entertainment career, her beloved characters and her love of animals and is sprinkled with funny “what-ifs.”

At the tender young age of 90, Betty White is going strong with two TV series and two new books!  She has given us priceless moments to escape from this crazy world with laughter. No other actress has the buzz that Betty has—from constant reruns of “The Golden Girls” to “Hot In Cleveland” to the Facebook campaign landing her a hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live,” Betty White has never been more beloved.  In her spare time, Betty selflessly helps vulnerable and endangered animals. Now, take a look at her storied television career and her impact on the industry and let's see where she goes from here.

Betty White Rules the World is the must-have book about television’s must-have Grande Dame written by Mike Pingel, the 70s TV fanboy.  Having penned books as Channel Surfing: Charlie’s Angels, Channel Surfing: Wonder Woman and The Brady Bunch: Super Groovy After all these Years! He currently lives in Los Angeles and stalks Betty White daily. 

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