Friday, March 8, 2013

Blush & Blu - Denver's Gay AFter Hours Party

"It's 1:15am," says DJ Sinna-G, "The music is thumping, your eyes meet across a crowded room....You take one more sip of your liquid courage and make your way through the swirl of people....You begin to chat and then you decide to dance....but what is this??....Last call?...This can't be possible!??!....You're not ready to go home, you just met this gorgeous individual and you want to dance close....and to dance for a long time....Don't worry!.....We've got 'cha covered Denver!"

Come check out the BRAND NEW Gay After-Hours located at Blush & Blu with music by DJ Sinna-G.

So bring that hot person you just met so you can continue to dance, or chill out, or listen to some underground Minimal/Tech-House/Circuit House, or you can even shoot a game of pool or play arcade games or maybe even try your hand at darts!

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