Friday, March 1, 2013

OutBoard 2013

OutBoard was founded in 1995 as a learn-to-snowboard event. Over the years it has grown to be the largest gay and lesbian snowboarding event in the world and is inclusive of skiers.

“The difference between OutBoard and other ski weeks is that our events center around making sure everyone is fresh to ride the best terrain the next day. We take snowboarding seriously and it’s always our focus” said Ryan Miller, Director of Events and Operations. “We have a blast socializing and hanging out, but save something for the freshies the next day.”

But it is more than just an event, the companion web site at with over 3,000 members, is designed as an online community for the GLBT snowboarding community to find friends to ride with in their own area and post stories and pictures about their adventures.

For all the event descriptions, details, access to exclusive Outboard 2013 discounted rates, and to register, visit

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