Wednesday, May 17, 2017

ACLU of Colorado: Urge the governor to sign HB 1313

A message from the ACLU of Colorado:

Have you heard of civil asset forfeiture? It's the controversial practice where police take cash, cars, and even homes from people without charging them with a crime — much less securing a conviction.

The Colorado Legislature came together this year to pass a bill reigning in civil asset forfeiture (HB 1313), but Governor Hickenlooper is being pressured by police and sheriffs to veto it.

Contact the governor today. Urge him to sign HB 1313 - Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform.

HB 1313 brings civil asset forfeiture into the light of day by increasing transparency into police forfeiture activities. Under HB 1313, officers will have to detail to the public when they use civil asset forfeiture and list what was taken and what ultimately happened to the property. Law enforcement will also have to report if the person from whom the property was taken was ever charged with or convicted of a crime.

The bill also closes a loophole in state law that police have exploited to bypass state-level due process protections by teaming up with federal agencies and seizing property under federal law.

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