Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Support The Alexander Foundation on Colorado Gives Day!

Each year, The Alexander Foundation receives countless requests from individuals who are literally struggling to survive and make ends meet. Here are a few of the stories they've received this year alone:

• “Rick” is a Transgender male and hoping for assistance with some medical bills after being diagnosed with cancer. With your help, The Alexander Foundation can help Rick.

• “Barb” has been struggling to make ends meet, and as it’s getting colder she’s having difficulty paying her heating and electrical bills. The Alexander Foundation can help Barb with your support.

• “Chase” is a high school senior getting ready for college next fall, and recently came out to his family. Unfortunately, he was kicked out of the house for being gay, and is left with very little money. The Alexander Foundation is able to offer Chase a scholarship with the donations of our community.

• “Jen” was just laid off from her job, and as a single mom, she cannot pay rent for her and her two kids this month. The Alexander Foundation can help Jen stay in her home with your donation. Your support (whether $1 or $1,000) is invaluable in helping The Alexander Foundation achieve their mission of providing financial assistance to the LGBT community of Colorado.

Team up with the Alexander Foundation and ColoradoGives Day Now!

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