Thursday, January 11, 2018

One Colorado: Our Legislative Agenda

By Laura "Pinky" Reinsch, Political Director, One Colorado

Today is the start of Colorado’s Legislative Session and we have A TON happening at the start of 2018, so I hope you’ll join us to make your voice heard, march, and take action. You can find more details about the bills were working on below! Want to get involved with our work in 2018? Here’s what we have coming up:

January 16 from 5-7pm - One Colorado’s Legislative Session Kickoff

January 20 from 8:30am-1pm - March with the Queer Contingent at the Women’s March on Colorado

February 26 from 8:30am-2pm - LGBTQ Lobby Day
In 2018, we’re committed to advancing legislation that creates a fair and just state for all Coloradans:
  1. The Birth Certificate Modernization Act will make it less burdensome for transgender Coloradans to update the gender on their birth certificate. Transgender people whose birth certificates reflect their sex at birth – and not their current gender – risk being denied housing, employment opportunities, and the right to vote because of this discrepancy.

  2. Banning conversion therapy for minors will protect LGBTQ young people from dangerous and discredited practices aimed at changing their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.
  3. We will work to defeat any and all bills that allow individuals and businesses to claim their religion gives them permission to ignore the law, stop all attempts to stigmatize and attack transgender Coloradans and their families, and fight any other bills that will hurt LGBTQ Coloradans.

  4. Working with partner organizations, we will support fair immigration policies, guarantee that every Coloradan has the right to vote, and support policies that ensure LGBTQ Coloradans can earn a good life.
The issues we work on in the next couple of months are going to set the stage for electing a pro-equality majority in the state senate and a pro-equality governor in November 2018 and we’re looking forward to working with you to make sure that happens.

Hope to see you soon!

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