Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reptaliens - Ubik


Reptaliens have released the newest video off their surreal debut album, FM-2030. The psychedelic video for "Ubik" features cult-style mass followers in hazmat suits worshipping the sun. 

Calling the video "Whimsical", Under the Radar premiered the video. The band told them, "We were shopping for outfits for our actress to wear during the live show and we found a huge box of hazmat suits. We couldn't pass them up so we bought them all. Later the idea formed to film a video for 'Ubik' during the upcoming total solar eclipse...It seemed fitting that this video be filmed during such an eerie and un-real solar event so we tried to capture some of the mood through superimposed footage in black and white, and of course some fog."

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