Thursday, July 12, 2018

GPCO adopts dues for locals and caucus membership of state council

Recently, the council of the The Green Party of Colorado (GPCO) unanimously adopted a proposal to collect dues from local parties and outreach caucuses as part of membership responsibilities on its state council and in proportion to council representation. The state council is the governing body of the GPCO.

Just like other Green state parties, as well as the Green Party of the United States, the Green Party of Colorado receives no money from corporate interests. Greens must fund their own party operations, and this measure is intended to begin a shift in party culture away from using the duopoly as an excuse for inaction, and toward a culture of proactive party building.

In the long term GPCO needs funds to assist with larger campaigns and statewide partisan candidates. Benefits provided to locals and caucuses by being dues-paying members of the state council include access to the online community organizing platform and education on using the platform, being part of a larger whole that can act in unison to achieve more localized objectives, building funds for candidates and issues statewide, partaking in revenue share/fundraising programs, campaign support and websites, outreach funding, etc.

Registered Greens and others are encouraged to help share the load, with either a recurring donation of any size or even a one-time donation. Updated bylaws are here, and our procedures and guidelines are here.

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