Friday, October 5, 2018

Sexy Nerd Games: College Edition

The LGBTQ Student Resource Center is helping to recruit students to participate in a CU Denver graduate student's very unique capstone project coming up next month on Wednesday November 7th.

The student is enrolled at the Colorado School of Public Health and is a candidate for a Master's in Public Health. This project is their required final capstone. The capstone is a pilot of a sexual health education program that implements an unusual approach: delivery via trivia and bingo, similar to games popular in bars and pubs! The research question ponders if such a format can increase college students’ sexual health knowledge.

Entitled "Sexy Nerd Games: College Edition", the games are centered on facts about sex and sexual health. The trivia games are all fact-based and feature questions ranging from sexual health topics to nature to pop-culture. The bingo games involve squares filled with "themes" rather than numbers. Themes include various sexual health topics, and as they are randomly drawn, each offers a brief moment to address the theme. It is a fun and novel approach to sexual health education.

Hosted by the student who created it, with the support of both the Women and Gender Center of UC Denver and the Auraria LGBTQ Student Resource Center, the two-hour pilot will take place in the Garage Lounge in the Tivoli Student Union from 11-1. Lunch will be provided and prizes awarded to winners.

After about 90 minutes of games, and after prizes have been awarded, students will be asked to participate in an anonymous survey that includes basic demographic information and a five question pre/post survey about the games. Data will later be analyzed for themes and to assess any changes in reported knowledge. The information gathered will be used only for the purposes of this academic project, and will not be used for future publications, projects or other means.

Students must RSVP at For questions or more information, contact Jacob McWilliams, Women & Gender Center Director, at

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