Thursday, January 3, 2019

Lambda Legal: Trump's judicial assault on LGBT rights

By Sasha Buchert, Senior Attorney, Lambda Legal
With the new year upon us, it is tempting to turn our backs on 2018, a messy and difficult year in our country’s history, to say the least.

But as yesterday's NPR piece on our new report, Trump’s Judicial Assault on LGBT Rights, examines: the Trump administration has begun to reshape the courts, and we need to talk about what this means for the future of fair courts.

Beyond Donald Trump’s Twitterverse antics lies an insidious reality: The Trump administration has made stacking our courts a top priority, and it has been working overtime to confirm ideologically-driven judges.

This administration has more than doubled its number of confirmed circuit court judges in 2018, far outpacing the last five administrations in terms of appellate court confirmations. Of those nominees, a staggering 1 in 3 have a demonstrated history of opposing LGBTQ equality.

Key insights from the report include:
• Which states have experienced the most significant transformations under Trump’s siege on our courts
• A breakdown of last year’s 10 most notorious nominees, the status of their nominations, and what’s at stake
• The role of the ultra-conservative, antigay organizations like the Federalist Society in Trump’s nominations
• The major takeaways from Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court

The promise of a fair and independent judiciary – a cornerstone of our democracy – is under attack. Please read and share the report with your friends and family; with a new year comes new opportunities to protect and defend fair courts.

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