Monday, April 1, 2019

Out singer Mathew V releases latest single “Catching Feelings”

Out Canadian singer-songwriter Mathew V is thrilled to release his latest single “Catching Feelings” via 604 Records. The extremely danceable track marks an evolution in Mathew’s career, following the release of his 2018 album 'The Fifth.' Co-written and produced by Ryan Stewart, Mathew is proud of his latest creation. “Knowing Ryan’s catalogue, when we finally got into the studio together, I knew I wanted something fun, cheeky and playful. The song developed in front of our eyes, and it really became our lovechild for a few months.”

“Catching Feelings” is infused with fun lyrics and dynamic beats, accomplishing Mathew’s goal for the song. “I really wanted this song to be something people could dance to. That really isn’t something I’d done before and it was super fun to explore that side of me. I want this to be a song people can listen to when they are thinking of their high school crush. Channelling nostalgia, fun, and playful energy.”

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