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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Saltwater: The Justin Utley Interview

By Drew Wilson

Written by - and co-starring former Denver resident Ronnie KerrSaltwater follows a group of gay friends and lovers as they tackle the twists and turns life throws at them. 

In addition to Kerr, the film stars former professional rugby player and model Ian Roberts as well as singer/songwriter Justin Utley.

Utley, familiar to Denver from his concert and Denver PrideFest appearances, appears in the film and I caught up with him to talk about the film, his musical career, and the hottest actors in Hollywood.
Drew: Hey Justin, great chatting with you again! So tell me about Saltwater.
Justin: It’s about a circle of friends and their journey through life’s ups and downs like the loss of a close friend. I would have to say that it has an authentic feel to it. There’s a lot of reality in there that I think a lot of people in the gay community can relate to. It really hit home for me and is definitely a movie that I recommend check out.

You're known for your music. How'd you get involved with the movie? Have you been bitten by the acting bug? Did Ronnie Kerr bite you?
Well, I’ve been friends with Ronnie Kerr for a number of years and he used some of my music on a previous film of his.

We were talking about maybe using some of my music for his new movie, Saltwater,  and he was like, “Yeah, I wish you could be in LA because there’s a part for you if you could make it.” I was like, “Book me a ticket."

So I went out there for the weekend and did my scenes and it was pretty cool. It was a really good experience. I don’t think acting is at the top of my list of things to pursue but I wouldn’t completely rule it out.

Last time we spoke was last year. You were a performer at Denver PrideFest.
Yeah, it was great. That was a very busy time. I thought I’d only be playing one gig but I think I ended up playing ... I think they booked me like five times that weekend. I was a pretty tired old man!

And Pride season is here again. What's your schedule like?
I’m currently booking dates for different Prides. I already played PhoenixPride. They have it in April because it’s like 120 degrees in June but when I got out there it was already 103. I hadn’t been there since my Mormon missions. An interesting circle of events, that. Ironically enough there were a few people I had baptized that were in the audience. Scandal! It’s going to be a very busy summer. I’m also working on an It Gets Better/anti-bullying kind of song. I really feel passionate about that and it'll probably be coming out as a single before Christmas.

Ian Robers - 9.9
Joe Manganiello - 9.9
Very cool. Now let me ask you about your co-star Ian Roberts. Former professional athlete. Former model. How hot was this guy?
I would have to say on a scale of 1 to 10 he would be a 9.5.

And the reason for that is because my boyfriend is a 10. So I can’t … well, OK, let’s say he’s a 9.9. He’s right up there with Alcide from True Blood!

Ah, a Joe Manganiello fan, huh?
Yeah. I saw him at my gym a few weeks ago. As a New Yorker I had to be cool on the outside, but I was screaming on the inside.

You know he's gonna be in the Magic Mike stripper movie, right?
Possible full frontal, I hear.
Oh my God!
I’ll send you the info.
Please do!

So in addition to Joe Manganiello, who would you say are some of the other hottest actors in Hollywood? Like, what would be your Top 5?
Well, Joe Manganiello of course. And then I would say number two, um, of course Ron Kerr. Tell him I expect a check in the mail for that one. Then I'd have to say Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger.
Who do you like better - Jake or Heath?
I’d have to say Heath.
Excuse me for just a moment while I make this all about me; I interviewed Ang Lee when Brokeback Mountain first came out and he told me I reminded him of Heath Ledger. I was totally screaming on the inside too.
Aw! That’s awesome.

So who else after Joe, Ron, Jake and Heath?
Oh, Zachary Quinto! I saw him recently in Angels in America here in New York just prior to his official coming out. That was a very cool experience. And he’s a great actor. 

Great list! Now to wrap things up, what message do you have for readers of MileHighGayGuy?
In general, I'd say that my number one message is that you’re going to be seeing more of me. Number two, keep standing proud! I’m so happy to hear about the strides that the gay community is making in Colorado. Please keep being involved and keeping up the good work. It’s the only way change is going to happen.

Ariztical Entertainment will distribute “Saltwater” in late 2012 after a multi-country film festival run. Find out more about Justin Utley at his website or on Facebook.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Saltwater, a film about gay men of all ages

Writer/Actor Ronnie Kerr
Ariztical Entertainment recently announced that production has begun in California on its feature film “Saltwater.” Written by and co-starring former Denver resident Ronnie Kerr, the film reunites Kerr with Co-Producer and Director Charlie Vaughn on a project that follows endearing characters as they wade through finding happiness, finding peace and ultimately finding love.

“The characters in gay cinema are typically very young men or all older men,” said Co-Producer and Director Charlie Vaughn. “This film shows the intergenerational friendships between gay men of all ages. A diverse audience will be able to identify with “Saltwater” and perhaps viewers will connect with characters that symbolize their own lives and experiences.”

Ian Roberts
Former Australian professional rugby player, actor and model Ian Roberts stars as Josh. At the height of his Rugby League career in 1995, Roberts came out as a gay man in “The Advocate” magazine. “Saltwater” is Roberts’ first time playing the role of a gay man. 

Kerr and Roberts are joined by a prestigious cast that includes singer-songwriter Justin Utley (last seen in Denver performing at Denver PrideFest 2011), Bruce Hart as Rich, Will Bethencourt as Mike, Jonathan Camp as Shawn, Russell Dennis Lewis as Collin, Brent Henry as John and John Stokkeland as Tom.

Justin Utley
“Saltwater” will illustrate an ocean of emotions as its captivating characters deal with the suicide of a close friend, try to find love as gay men when timing never seems to be right and how saltwater is everywhere; in tears, sweat and the sea. Filming is expected to occur at various locations in North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks and San Diego.

“Saltwater” is a story that I really connect with,” added Vaughn. “The characters in this story remind me of people within my own circle of friends and the events, without giving anything away, really mirror my own experiences. I’m certain audiences will find resemblances of their own lives in the film as well.”

“I chose “Saltwater” as the first film in which I play a gay character because its content is something that’s very personal to me,” said Roberts. “It spoke to me in a way that no other script has done before.”

Ariztical Entertainment will distribute “Saltwater” in late 2012 after a multi-country film festival run.