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Monday, October 15, 2018

The Gay Vegans: Comida vegana en Tijuana

By Dan Hanley

Vegan food in Tijuana.

Tijuana (TJ), Mexico is a quick 2 1/2 hour drive from LA. I have come to love Tijuana, for many reasons. I recently spent a couple of days there to drop off donations to some nuns there serving migrant women and children, to speak Spanish and to check out some of the amazing vegan food options there.

A couple of things to know before going from California to Tijuana. First, you need your passport. I also recommend purchasing insurance for the amount of days you’re there, if you’re driving. Bring pesos. Your bank can help or you can get them at the last exit before entering Mexico. Traffic can be crazy, and if it makes you uncomfortable to drive there it’s easy to Uber around or use the local buses. If you want to stay in Tijuana there are a lot of great Airbnb options all over and in the central part of town some nice hotels, like the Lucerna.

Also, activism of all kinds is alive and well in Tijuana. This trip for me was to bring donations to the Centro Madre Assunta, and there are literally dozens of nonprofits doing amazing work for humans, animals and the environment.

Playas de Tijuana is the area of the city along the ocean and the US border. Super relaxed with beaches, a boardwalk and work out spaces along the boardwalk. I love it. While here there are three spots I suggest. Luwak Cafe is on the main boulevard and is a small cafe/coffee shop. And they serve vegan waffles! I love them mainly because of their staff, and vegan waffles help. Head south and you will find The Green House. Mostly sandwiches, tacos and veggie burgers, add smoothies. I tried the tacos and the agua fresca of the day which was lime. Number three is La Veggicheria, right on the boardwalk maybe two blocks south of the border. The view is gorgeous, all ocean. Sitting outside with that view and delish food is pretty perfect. Their burger is pretty popular and I loved their mole.

Alma Verde is a spot I didn’t get a chance to go to but heard good things about. Two locations in Tijuana. I will report back once I go here next trip.

My favorite spot in Tijuana to eat is Mazon Vegano. It’s near the southern part of the Avenue of the Insurgents (Avenida de los Insurgentes) in an inside area of placed food trucks. Their quesadillas were so good! I started with two and had to try a third. Fresh and flavorful, with a great salsa to go along with them. The mind-blowing part of the meal was the blueberry cheesecake, the best cheesecake I have ever had!

You’re probably hungry now. And if you are like many people I tell that I love Tijuana, you might be thinking about safety. I have never felt unsafe in Tijuana. I have heard the stories, and like any city with crowds you want to be careful, and use common sense. Tijuana is a wonderful place, and add in all of the delish food options and you’ll have a great time.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Gay Vegans: Don't Forget to be Kind

By Dan Hanley

The news is filled with, well you know. Even if you don’t watch the news, in some way the negative stories of what humans are doing to each other will somehow get to your attention. In just a few minutes of being online I have seen white nationalist groups spew their racism and hatred, anti-gay slurs and posts, and quotes from a sexist male. None of this makes us or anyone better. Indeed, in many cases, these actions and quotes are made to separate people and to instill fear.

I have no reason to hate anyone. I have no reason to take my limited time and use it to attack or spew hate. As a blogger and a citizen, I certainly take time to share my opinions and call out those I disagree with, and I don’t need to, or have time to, attack others for anything other than opinions or actions that I take issue with.

I do try to take time to be kind to others. That can take many shapes and forms, and it is super easy. It can be a “good morning”, a wave to move in front of me on the road, a quick email in support of a jailed activist and a call to someone going through a tough time. It can be an action that changes the community I live in or changes the moment for someone.

Please don’t misinterpret what I’m writing. Speak out against the president. Speak out against those complicit in his power. Vote them out. Vote. Run for office. And while you’re doing this, remember that you are a kind person, one who deeply cares about others whether they are your senior next door neighbor or a seven year old girl from El Salvador still separated from her dad.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Gay Vegans: In Loving Memory ...

By Dan Hanley

…of my dad.
It’s been over two weeks since my dad passed away. To me and others it was sudden, even though we knew he had a major health issue.

My dad: second generation Irish immigrant, Detroit born, US Marine, father of four, super serious and super loving, businessman, honorable, super witty, super smart, ethical and most of all, a human being living a hard-core human experience.

My world is not the same. I don’t feel the same. I’ve been home for over a week now and feel very uncomfortable with this new normal. My dad didn’t even live here, nonetheless I feel his loss immensely. Some times the grief and sadness hit me so hard that it’s difficult to even take a breath.

My dad, Jack, was one of my close friends. We spoke often and recently were reading books and discussing them. The one we were currently reading is “Black Detroit” by Herb Boyd. What a great read.

I spent many times in my hammock chatting away with my dad about how beautiful it is here in southern California and listening to him talk about being in San Diego with the Marines and spending a New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles in the late 50’s. He disliked cold and snow, common in his Michigan, and loved hearing all about our adventures with beach, surf and sun.

My dad was such an important part of my world. He loved his family and made sure that I knew he loved me and was proud of me. Mike and I were stoked to have spent some time with him in July, even making it to a delish vegan meal at Green Space Cafe in Ferndale, just outside of Detroit. That day included a trip to the Detroit neighborhood where he grew up.

As much as I knew my dad, I learned so much at his viewing and his funeral. So much love for him, for this man I called dad. People he had worked with before retiring 16 years ago shared stories of working with him and about how much he impacted their lives alongside high school friends who talked of fun and mischief. Listening to all of these stories was wonderful.

We had rough roads, disagreements and opportunities to grow and forgive. All of these added to my love for him.

Nothing I write can do my dad justice. He taught me that what happens to you does not have to make you, that family matters, and that the person we are today does not have to be the person we are tomorrow.

My dad made me better.

I miss him.

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Gay Vegans: Get Politically Active

By Dan Hanley

I wanted to title this “Please get politically active” but decided against that. There is simply too much at stake right now to not get involved.

Tonight I attended our local Democratic club meeting and was so glad to be there. I was pretty drained and had a half dozen other things I could be doing, and decided to attend because I need to get involved. The group was deciding on who to endorse for our local school board election, an election that is super important even though so many don’t pay attention to school boards.

There are many ways to get politically active. First, make sure you are registered to vote and make sure your registration is up to date. Encourage others to do the same. Post about it on social media. Go to candidate debates and information sessions. Ask candidates questions. If they don’t answer your question keep asking. Write a check to an amazing candidate if you can. I assure you there are plenty of amazing candidates running in all sorts of political races this November.

If you are reading this, you are most likely on at least one social media platform. That means there is a good chance that you have seen constant posts against Trump and those who are complicit in supporting him and his administration. What is missing in most of these posts are attacks against policies and the impact of what Trump is doing. While many are posting memes and doctored photos against Trump, there is a long list of reasons why we need to get politically active and fight Trump and those electeds complicit in keeping him in power and his policies alive. Let’s actually do something that supports those complicit in the US House and Senate being voted out.

Monday, July 23, 2018

The Gay Vegans: Fighting Animal Agriculture

By Dan Hanley

As a vegan who is vegan for the animals, I have disliked the meat and dairy industries for years. And of course there is no love loss from them to me either, as these industries fight hard against any person or organization that might affect their profit.
It all boils down to profit. That has become evident as we see these industries invest in vegan companies. If you enjoy a long list of vegan products in your home, chances are one or more of them comes from a company now owned by a meat, dairy, or pharmaceutical company.


This can be debated back and forth on whether or not this is good for the animals. It definitely doesn’t feel good, but I’ll save the debate for another day (and there are products in this category that we still buy). The point I would like to make here, and one that is not news for many of you but is always a great reminder, is that if you are vegan, you are having an adverse affect on animal agriculture. Please see my last post with more about this. In our recent 4,000+ mile road trip, we saw evidence of this all over the place.

Just by being vegan. If you engage in animal rights activism, plan vegan meetups or simply bring delish vegan treats to the office, you are doing even more. Combined, all of this fights animal agriculture and affects their bottom line. This is what is so important to me these days: doing all I can to ensure their days are numbered.

They are super powerful. They have the backing of the United States government. They have an endless supply of money, lawyers and people who look at animals as product, thus never an issue with animal cruelty. Evidence of this is seen frequently in the news, like this past week when the federal government announced it was cracking down on the term “milk” for plant-based beverages. Are they doing this to protect people, or to enrich the lives of people. No, and yes. Yes to enriching the lives of those who profit in animal agriculture. That’s what this is all about.

And it’s happening because those who profit in animal agriculture are scared. They are watching their industries lose money, and certainly not profit as much as they used to. They are so scared that they are investing in profitable vegan companies, because after all making money is what it is all about for them.

Together we can ensure that they make a little less money, and that fewer animals are killed, tortured and inhumanely treated for a buck.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Gay Vegans: Challenge Those In Power

By Dan Hanley

I seldom stay out of politics with this blog. With all that is going on in our country, especially on our southern border, I just have to write about it. I don’t need to tell you about what is going on, or who is to blame or who is right and who is wrong, but to remind you that you the reader are not powerless in this situation.
It took me a minute to find my power. I saw the news. And more news. Then I heard the tape. I was angry, and in tears. Then I saw those speaking out for the families at the border get attacked, and attacked. I honestly don’t care if this happened before or if some think that what is happening is OK. I care that, in our name, families are being ripped apart and children are experiencing trauma.

You, especially if you are as sickened by this as I am, have the power to make change.

First, as I often say on social media, I urge you to spend less time attacking President Trump and more time attacking those complicit, the Republicans in Congress. There is an election in November and every seat of the House of Representatives is up for grabs. Do whatever you can to elect someone who is sickened as well and who will not support the President.

Next, donate to RAICES or Al Otro Lado. Both groups are working 24/7 to help families who have been separated.

While others will spend time blaming, finger pointing, saying things like “Obama did this too” or name calling, we must focus on voting those complicit out, continually telling the stories of families torn apart, and speaking out for those families until they are reunited. While bickering and fighting go on, children are experiencing trauma, sometimes hundreds of miles away from their parent. The longer they are separated, the better the chances they may never be reunited.

Vote. Remember the children. Keep asking about them, about where they are and when they will be reunited. There are many who want us to forget and move on. We can’t.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Gay Vegans: We Are Not Going to be Saved in November

By Dan Hanley

Many of those who are over Donald Trump and the Republican politicians complicit with him and his policies are counting the days to November. Come election day all will be well and the Democrats will take control of the house and senate, along with state governments across the country.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are working on their messaging, solidifying their candidates, and promising their base that they will survive this.

A lot will have to happen in order for them to be wrong. First, we need to have amazing candidates. Second, we need to fund them. And third, we need to vote for them. Super easy, right? Not really.

There is plenty of anti-Trump action going on in any social media platform you look at. It’s easy to post something disagreeing with him or those complicit, calling names or sharing an article. It’s not as easy to get out the vote and to engage with those who might possibly vote Republican in November. Not easy, but possible.

The one reality dose that I hope to bring with this post is that positive results for us in November are a long way from becoming reality. We must vote, and get out the vote.

If you want to wake up on November 7th to something different than what we have today, I urge you to join others who feel the same and take action. Work locally. Find out who is running, up and down the ballot. Donate. Engage. Talk about policy. And please, don’t take anything for granted.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Gay Vegans: Who Is Your "Them"?

By Dan Hanley

I recently posted a note about a teenager who identified himself as gay dying from suicide. He had left a note that included statements saying he couldn’t handle the hate and abuse any longer.
Words are powerful. Actions are powerful. “Those people.” “Them.”

I also have recently been along the border of Mexico, in Tijuana, trying to help people who have fled their home and are trying to find a safe place in the US. I’m not surprised, but the vile words used towards these people shook me. I was posting some news on Twitter and searched for #caravan and was brought to a world of so much hatred towards people that the ones posting didn’t even know!

“Those people.” “Them.”

I get that people disagree. I get that you might not like Republicans or immigrants or gay people or gun owners. Them. And I believe that we all have more in common than not. I don’t have to demonize you just because I disagree with you.

I disagree with those that vilify and attack immigrants or those wanting to come into the US. I will disagree, and then take action to support immigrants. It’s that easy. Sure, those who attack immigrants will then attack me on social media. I can handle it. Cowards thrive in the anonymous comments of social media.

And while all of this is going on, I have to continue to look in the mirror and make sure I don’t have a “them”. Whether it’s a group of people or an individual, I need to always be sure that my words and actions don’t hurt others.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Gay Vegans: Speaking Out Against Sexism in Recovery

By Dan Hanley

I have written about being in recovery. The fellowship in recovery saved my life, and adds so much to my life. I want to make this clear as I share that recently I have had to listen to sexist bullshit from men attending meetings. Making sexual comments about women, women there to get sober. This is not new, I just haven’t personally heard it in a while.

I keep thinking about it. I keep thinking about the need to create safe spaces for women. If a woman who is trying to get clean and sober does not feel safe at a meeting where others are gathered for the same reason, well that is simply a fucked up situation. Then I think of others, like people of color and members of the LGBTQ communities, but that’s another post.

Alcoholism and drug addiction kill people. In fact, they are killing more people today than ever. We must ensure everyone coming to a meeting to get clean or sober doesn’t experience harassment. We need to talk about it. We need to call it out.

Yes, this is a rant. If you work the twelve steps and are familiar with the program, rest assured I am working my program around this.

Thanks for reading.

If you think you may be alcoholic and would like help, or to find a meeting, click here.

If you think you may be a drug addict and would like help, or to find a meeting, click here.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Gay Vegans: Veganism and Intersectionality

By Dan Hanley

I have been thinking a lot about intersectionality these days, more than usual. I would love to hear from you about intersectionality and what it means to you as a person and as an activist.

For me, this is all about thinking, and living as if, our social justice movements considering all of the intersections of identity, privilege and oppression in order to be just and effective. You might have read this exact definition before as it comes from author and activist (among many things) Ijeoma Oluo. It’s the best definition of intersectionality I have found for me.

I wrote “for me” as I realize that there could be many definitions of this. This is the purpose of this blog post. I want to hear about your definition and how you incorporate intersectionalism in your life and activism. I am super teachable.

I am a gay, white, cisgender, vegan, person of faith, sober, male who works daily in human rights and animal rights to make the world a better and safer place for all living beings.

Intersectionality is crucial.

Thanks for reading. I would be super grateful for your thoughts.

If you’d like to learn more about Ijeoma Oluo, click here.

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Gay Vegans: Vote With Your Wallet

By Dan Hanley

I played around with the title of this post for a bit.

I was about to go with “Support vegan companies”. Then I remembered that not all vegan companies are aligned with my values. The list goes much bigger when one includes companies that simply offer vegan products, as opposed to being an all vegan company.

It’s not always easy to stay informed on whether or not the company that sells your favorite ice cream, toothpaste or fresh vegetables is aligned as closely as possible with who you are as a person. I have been trying to do this almost my entire life and I recently saw an updated list of companies that test and animals and was surprised to see two products that I use. The self-education never ends!

I’d also like to say that my expectations are higher for companies now than they used to be. I want companies I support to do the right thing and let folks know they’re doing it. I would also like companies to speak out for the right thing.

The whole process of knowledge begins with us asking the questions. It begins with you asking the questions.

The internet is a good place to start. If you are unaware of how your favorite company is or isn’t aligned with who you are as a person, Google their name with your cause. Example is “Does Gardein support LGBTQ employees?”. You will most likely have lots of information in a second. Of course this is a wide open question, and it will catch and pro or con stories out there.

You can also directly email or call the company, or ask on their Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Many advocacy groups keep lists of companies that do or do not support their cause.

My hope is that this post encourages you to ask questions. I also hope that your favorite companies are indeed aligned with you and your beliefs. What I am learning is that these policies of support or not change, and many companies are bought and sold and that could change things.

Good luck. Let me know if I can help.

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Gay Vegans: It's 2018 and Those Complicit are Running for Re-Election

By Dan Hanley

“We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must – at that moment – become the center of the universe.” Elie Wiesel 

Time flies. It’s already mid-February and the opportunity to change things in Congress is only nine months away. 

The recent shooting in a Florida high school has many more people enraged and promising to be and stay engaged. One of the constant themes of my blog and my social media is to encourage people to get politically active and to vote. Voting, and encouraging your circle to do the same, is vitally important this year, and we have a chance to create big changes in Congress. 

I understand that there are harsh feelings toward the President and believe me, I get it. The real power here, though, and those being complicit in allowing the President to do much of what he has done, is Congress. In order for them to stay complicit with the President, they need your support. They need your vote. 

It’s not a done deal. There are amazing groups doing impactful work that is bringing in great candidates to run against those complicit, while others are raising money for them and working on get out the vote campaigns. Meanwhile, dozens of state legislative seats have turned from red to blue in the last year, a really good sign. We can’t rest.
Millions are going to be spent to ensure that the complicit ones keep their seat, their power. Add that to many who support those complicit, and we know this will not be easy. We also know that it’s possible. 

No matter where you live in the US I urge you to get active, to support a candidate that believes in your values and that can unseat a complicit one. Even in the most red of districts this is possible. 

Vote. If not registered to vote, do that now. 

If you have moved recently update your voter registration. Take the time to ensure that you cannot be denied the right to vote on election day. 

Vote early if you can in your area. 

Make a donation to a candidate who is trying to unseat an elected who is complicit.
Be vocal. Our silence aids those complicit with the President. 

Thank you for reading this post! 

P.S. Here are some links that might be helpful:
Vote Smart (look up your electeds)
Run for Something

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Gay Vegans: My Third Half-Marathon

By Dan Hanley

It’s been four years since my last half marathon, five years since my first. I remember the day well. Well, the day of the run and the day I decided to do the run. My nonprofit was fundraising through the Colfax Marathon in Denver and I came home telling Mike that it would be great for us to run and fundraise for the half marathon portion. Neither of us had ever run nearly that far (13.1 miles) yet we decided to go for it. I was 47.

Two months later we crossed the finish line. I loved everything about it. I felt super healthy training for the run and I was honestly shocked that I finished.

In three weeks I hope to cross another finish line, this one for the Encinitas Half Marathon in Encinitas, CA. The route of the race is what drew me to this one, with most of the race being along the Pacific ocean. I know the area well, one of our favorite spots in southern California, and I can’t wait to run.

The day of the race I will be 52. Training this time has not been as easy mainly because my life seems to be busier than last time and training takes time. I recently finished a ten mile training run so I am definitely getting close. And to say that I am excited is an understatement. I am super stoked.

One of the great things about training is that there are so many people out there who inspire me. They send encouraging notes and share advice. My training runs are at the LA Arboretum and the morning walkers have gotten used to seeing me several times, offering waves and thumbs up as I run by. And I feel good. I feel good, both physically and mentally.

To all of you out there who have supported me in any way, thank you. To anyone thinking about training for a run, it’s definitely an experience that will add to your life. It has added so much to mine. There is a of support online, especially in the vegan community. I will let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Gay Vegans: Calling All Activists

By Dan Hanley

I know there is a lot going on in the world. I’ll say that right up front.

Today I can post a tweet attacking the government, Congress, the Nunes memo and a whole host of things I disagree with. I can then logoff and enjoy family time with my husband. Later I can meet with friends and neighbors who are part of The Resistance and walk home without fear. This could change in our country, and for many it already has. Indeed, activists are in jail in the US right now. Unlike their fellow activists in Iran, they do not face immediate execution.

Meanwhile, activists just like me, who have taken very similar actions in speaking out against their government, are sitting bloodied and beaten in jail cells in Iran. They may have protested in street protests or taken their hijab off in protest of the mandatory wearing of it. They may be a Kurd who is fighting for rights for the Kurds. Regardless, they are enemies of the state and are dealt with in a brutal fashion.

All of these activists I have learned about from social media threads on Twitter. They include Ramin Hossein Panahi (above right), Atena Daemi (top right), Golrokh Iraee (top left) and Hedayat Abdollahpour (above left). I admit that I know only very little of these four. What I know for sure is that they are in jail and could be executed.

Will you please help me spread the word about these activists? I know they are not alone, and if we as a world-wide activist community spread the word and speak out, these four and others may have a chance to live.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Gay Vegans: A Healthy Addition - Beets

By Dan Hanley

I have always loved beets.

On my journey to eating more whole foods and to embrace a more healthy lifestyle, during my last grocery outing I bought more fresh veggies than processed food. Don’t get me wrong, I love processed foods. And at 51, I am once again trying to fit them in as a treat and not part of my daily eating ritual.

The fresh veggies I purchased included beets with the greens still attached. I knew beet greens were good, and was reminded of how delicious they are when I cooked them up as a side for dinner. Simple really, just a little oil, salt, pepper and garlic and voila!

With the beets themselves, I cut them up and steamed them and added them to a few dinners during the week. Super easy and in my readings I am learning that beets can do my body good.

Check them out next time you’re in the market. 

If you have a favorite beet recipe, I would love to know about it!

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Gay Vegans: 22 Years Vegan

By Dan Hanley

As in many things, if you don’t die, you get to celebrate more and more anniversaries.

This week I celebrate 22 years of being vegan. If you stay vegan and don’t die, this is what can happen.

I became vegan because of animals, in that I wanted to be as least complicit as possible in their torture and suffering.

The world has obviously changed since I became vegan. I recently heard ona podcast that from 1996 to 2016 dairy milk sales dropped 25%. That’s intense. And that makes me happy.

The bigger changes in my life since becoming vegan are not so drastic. I’m married to another vegan, although he was not vegan when we started to date. We cook more at home than going out. We try, and mostly succeed, in eating more whole foods and less processed foods, although I must say that I love some processed foods. And desserts.

I’m not a perfect vegan and that is not my goal. I want to be the best I can be, be an amazing husband, be a voice for the voiceless, and share things I learn through this blog. I want to do as little harm as possible to animals, humans, and the earth and I want to be of greatest service to others.

My veganism continued beyond a few weeks because of kind people, vegan potlucks, learning to cook, and keeping in mind that my veganism is bigger than me, that my food choices prior to being vegan included paying people to kill animals who did not want to die just for my taste buds.

On this blog I try to provide some helpful websites. If you’re interested click the page at the top.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. The photo is of me and Lilly, the day we adopted her from the Pasadena Humane Society in September of 2017. She is not as terrified these days.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Gay Vegans: Iran Protests

By Dan Hanley

It is difficult at best to get accurate news about what has been happening in Iran in the last week. I do my best to find credible threads on Twitter and pass them along.

What I know, and the sole reason for this post, is that thousands are protesting even though they know they can be jailed, tortured and even killed.

The least I can do as a blogger is to help spread the word.

If you are on Twitter, search #IranProtests for current updates. Then retweet what you find. As fellow activists, we can support those risking their lives by spreading the word on the protests.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Gay Vegans: The Best Things of 2017

By Dan Hanley

I skipped a couple of years of doing this and am super excited to once again share some of our favorite things. Some of these you may know, and hopefully I will introduce you to some new things/places. All of these are based on what we love. Just to be clear, we are not paid by any group or company nor do I as a blogger ever accept free items. I feel this is important to say so that you, the awesome reader, know we just simply love these favorites. Please be patient with the randomness of the list!
Best Non-profit – Toronto Pig Save

Best Non-profit you might not have heard of – Animal Help Now

Best breakfast at home – Isa’s Puffy Pillow Pancakes

Best lunch in LA during the work day – Happy Family on S. Atlantic (Monterey Park)

Best treat in LA – Sweet Kale Shake at Sun Cafe

Best Mexican food in Denver – Tarascos

Best social media chef/cook – Christina Cooks

Best beach in LA area – Zuma beach

Best beach in San Diego area – Torrey Pines State Beach

Best brunch in San Diego – Bar Kindred

Best vegan creamer – Ripple

Best vegan pop up – Cena Vegan

Best “I need a sweet tooth fix” place – Donut Friend

Best veggie burger – Gardein’s beefless burger

Best vegan cheese – We have two here. Seriously tied. Miyokos and Punk Rawk

Most made recipe this year at home – Fava Bean Risotto in “Vegan Pressure Cooking”

Best meal when anywhere near LAX – Stuff I Eat

Best hotel for a Denver visit – Hotel Born

Best audio book – “Black Detroit”

Best song – “Demons” by Imagine Dragons

Best hike in LA – Griffith Park

This list is not complete. I’m sure I could keep adding, and as the new year is approaching I think I really need to post this.

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Gay Vegans: Another World AIDS Day

By Dan Hanley

Every year I write about World AIDS Day and every year it is the least read blog post I write for the year.

Yet I keep writing them. I guess I keep writing them so that the world doesn’t forget about amazing people like my dear friend Felix Godinez who lost his battle against HIV/AIDS, along with 43,000+ others, in 1992.

If you are any type of activist, especially if you are an activist for the liberation of anyone, HIV/AIDS is an important issue. Even if you don’t know anyone who battled HIV/AIDS, it effects you.

If you work against poverty, racism, prejudice, white supremacy, bigotry and/or hate, HIV/AIDS is an important issue for you. If you work towards total liberation, HIV/AIDS is an important issue for you.

Last year just over 1,000,000 people died due to HIV?AIDS related causes. “Getting to Zero”, one of the themes this year, will take work from all of our communities.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Gay Vegans: Easy Home Cooking, Vegan Style

By Dan Hanley

The idea of cooking meals at home rather than going out to eat could be met with a simple “of course” from some while being completely foreign to others. And to clarify, cooking in this post means actually cooking, not putting something frozen into a microwave.

I have a long history with fast food and processed food. When I started dating Mike my typical meal consisted of frozen Amy’s burritos or veggie burgers with tater tots. Whenever we do a meal similar to that these days we call it a “Dan’s meal”. For us, some days it’s perfect for us to just cook up some veggie burgers and add a salad with dark greens to it. Or even tater tots! But there are also several quick meals that we can prepare.

One I talk about all of the time is super simple, super affordable and super good for you. Note: I am not a dietician or nutritionist. There are three components: beans, rice, dark leafy greens. In a skillet I start with garlic and onions in olive oil, then add a can of beans. For me it’s usually black beans but pick a bean. I add cooked rice to this, again your choice. You can also add quinoa. Then it gets even more fun! Your choice of greens! My go-to greens are spinach, Swiss chard or kale. Once the greens are added you can go for it and personalize it even more with more veggies and spices. I add a little cayenne pepper and if I have peppers or broccoli that needs to be used I toss those in.

The diversity of this dish means you can switch around all of the time. Once the rice is cooked it takes about five minutes in a skillet. Cost wise, it’s tough to beat. I get three bunches of greens for $5.00 at our market and am always looking for beans on sale. You can also buy whole beans in bulk and soak them.

Try this and let me know what you think! Remember, you can take this idea and make it your own with your own favorite beans and veggies.