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Books: Heroes: A Tribute

Tra Publishing announces the June 2019 release of a new hardcover trade edition of HEROES: A Tribute by Doug Meyer. In 1981, conceptual artist and designer Doug Meyer lost a dear friend to a mysterious new disease we now know was AIDS. Over the next few years, Meyer went to 79 funerals. In HEROES: A Tribute (Tra Publishing, June 4, 2019) he pays homage by way of portraiture to some of the first victims of AIDS and AIDS-related diseases — brilliant creative figures such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Keith Haring, Rudolph Nureyev, Freddie Mercury, Rock Hudson, John Duka, Tina Chow, Klaus Nomi, Halston, and Angelo Donghia, whose contributions may be unknown to a younger generation. Printed in multiple papers with pops of neon color and painted edges echoing the artist’s work, Doug Meyer’s HEROES is a gorgeous feast for the eyes and soul that not only honors the creative geniuses who died too soon, but immortalizes their work for generations to come.
“I find it so sad and horrifying that these 50 Heroes seem to have fallen out of contemporary cultural memory,” says Meyer. “My intent for both the Heroes Project and this book is to expose a younger generation to these Heroes whose contributions, talent and even existence have been forgotten or perhaps nearly lost in today’s digital world.”
Originally conceived as an installation for the annual DIFFA (Design Industry Foundation to Fight AIDS) dinner, Meyer’s Heroes Project went on to show in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. In creating each portrait, Meyer conducted extensive research, ploughing through books and newspaper archives to gain intimate knowledge of the men and women he was depicting. “I immersed myself in their lives,” he says. HEROES includes biographies of each figure based upon his research.
To create his 3D portraits, Meyer blended new and old techniques ranging from terracotta to eglomise to papier-mâché to computer-generated collage, to name only a few. He felt it important that the technique, materials and style of each work be as diverse as possible. He says, “I employed everything I could muster up, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography — all combined in various forms to create works that were uniquely different —to give the appearance that each object was made by different hands.”
The book is distributed worldwide by Simon & Schuster and is also available on amazon and through Tra Publishing’s website at  Collector’s and Art editions of the book are also available from the publisher.

Breaking Glass Pictures to be Honored with Industry Award Presented by qFLIX Philadelphia

Breaking Glass Pictures, a Philadelphia-based independent film distribution company founded by film industry veteran Rich Wolff,will receive the industry award from qFLIX Philadelphia, the LGBTQ+ Film Festival produced and presented by Thom Cardwell and James Duggan, the legendary film festival producers who brought life back to the Philadelphia LGBTQ+ film festival.

The festival will present its inaugural qFLIX Philadelphia 2019 Industry Award to Wolff as part of the closing night ceremonies. Following the awards ceremony will be a screening of the closing night film “My Big Gay Italian Wedding,” an Italian musical comedy being distributed by Breaking Glass. The program will take place Sunday, March 31 at The Perelman Theater at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts beginning at 8pm.

“We are honored to receive the industry award from qFLIX Philadelphia in recognition to our dedication to LGBTQ+ cinema,” said Wolff. “Each year, Thom and James continue to out-do themselves with the festival as it grows, and shows important films to Philadelphia audiences.”

Harvey Milk Becomes Norwegian’s Latest American Tail Fin Hero

Norwegian, World’s Best Low-Cost Long-Haul Airline and Value Airline of the Year, unveils its newest tail fin hero, and eighth American to be immortalized on a Norwegian aircraft: Harvey Milk.

“Norwegian was founded on the premise of bringing affordable fares to all. As we continue to grow, our message of inclusion is beyond just that of affordable fares, it is unifying customers, employees, and business partners from all over the world who share our vision of diversity. Like ours, Harvey Milk’s mission was reflective of a pioneering spirit. He demonstrated a tireless hunger to look past the differences of people and instead focus on bringing them together for the greater good. We can’t think of a better way to honor Harvey Milk’s bravery and courage than to dedicate a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to his legacy of equal rights – a tribute that will span the globe for years to come, reinforcing our joint commitment to making the world a smaller, friendlier and more inclusive place,” said Bjørn Kjos, Founder and CEO of Norwegian.

Harvey Milk, among the best known civil rights leaders in modern history, fearlessly pursued the freedom for every human being to live life with authenticity and courage. As one of the world’s first openly gay officials, Milk’s ground-breaking election in 1977 offered hope for all marginalized people across the globe. Today, Harvey’s legacy lives on through award-winning films and documentaries, plays and operas, books, and scholarly contributions. His name graces schools, community centers, parks, and streets around the world, proving that his pursuit of acceptance and equality is remembered, honored, and continues to this day.

"We are proud to partner with Norwegian, having Uncle Harvey join the airline's forward-thinking Tail Fin Hero program that already includes change makers like Sojourner Truth and Oscar Wilde," said Stuart Milk, nephew and the co-founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation. "This is such a unique way to educate and celebrate those that have come before us, allowing for their legacies to live on. We look forward to seeing Harvey 'flying' into airports across the globe and continuing to spread his message of acceptance."

In partnership with Norwegian, Harvey Milk’s legacy will travel the world, his name and likeness adorning the tail of a state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The aircraft is more than a flying tribute – it is fitted with custom art that depicts the brave life Harvey led so that customers on board will not only see his name, but truly understand and connect to his life’s work. Norwegian will also support the Harvey Milk Foundation’s annual diversity and inclusion efforts and collaborate to identify how Norwegian can become an even stronger advocate for equality, understanding, and inclusion through its diverse workforce.

Harvey Milk joins the rank of recently spotlighted American tail fin heroes including Mark Twain, Charles Lindbergh, Arthur Collins, Babe Ruth, Clara Barton, Sojourner Truth and Benjamin Franklin. Each of these historical figures share Norwegian’s vision of pushing boundaries, inspiring others and challenging the status quo.

Colorado Craft Movement is Alive and Thriving with These Home-Grown Makers

Known for its vast forestry, colorful plains and mountainous grit, Colorado is the nation’s capital for adventure. With its awe-inspiring backdrop, homegrown makers are enhancing what it means to buy and support local. They are building experiences that are restorative, as they are educational, from leather goods-making to fiber weaving classes. Among their work, are full product lines that are completely sketched, sourced and produced within the four-cornered state; making it easy to swap out big box retailers with quality craft items that let you take a great piece of Colorado home.
Meet the Makers:

Caitlin Rose Ward, Lonewolf Collective, Crested Butte - Having worked in modeling, Caitlin Rose knows too well the irreversible effects that industry can have on the environment and society as a whole. Armed with a camera in one hand and a torch in the other, she set out to make minimal jewelry pieces that are as delightful as they are sustainable. Lonewolf Collective stands for slow fashion, and Rose is completely transparent about where she sources her materials, straight down to the recycled cotton t-shirts she uses as business cards.

Cordelia Smith, Formulary 55, Pueblo - After spending countless afternoons crafting at camps and weekends watching her aunt weave bohemian style rugs, Cordelia Smith grew up with a profound love of homemade products. In 1993, she began making soaps from scratch and sold them at local farmer’s markets—a business that she grew from a side hustle to a full time gig. Committed to her roots, Smith processes all orders by hand by employing a community of makers in Pueblo.

David Kaminer, Raleigh Street Bakery, Denver - Using only organic ingredients and his culinary background, David Kaminer whips up fresh, artisan bread made-to-order every week. Operating under Colorado’s Cottage Food Law, his loaf selection ranges from the well-known French baguette to a savory sunflower rye, all of which are baked in his home hearth. The bakery also offers workshops where Kaminer teaches the tricks of the bread-baking trade.

Hayden Kessel, Hayden Knife, Carbondale - After taking up a knife apprenticeship with a west coast bladesmith, Hayden Kessel set out into the mountains of Colorado to forge his own brand of custom blades back in 2015. Ever since then, he’s influenced each and every knife by hand with the strokes of a hammer. The blades are made from high-carbon steel and he sources his wood from nearby forests and fruit orchards. The result is a modern-yet-rugged heirloom blade that is as fit for the kitchen as it is for the backcountry.

Jodie Bliss, Bliss Studio & Gallery, Monument - A Colorado native, Jodie Bliss is a modern-day metalsmith that holds both a B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Fine Art Sculpture. She works with materials varying from steel and brass to glass and ceramics. An expert in forging metal, she regularly holds workshops in her craft—teaching others how to construct metal sculptures.

Salihah Moore, Boulder County - Salihah Moore is a designer of beaded jewelry, wall hangings and wearable art pieces. The delicate balance between exuberance and minimalism often on her mind, Salihah uses glass seed beads, needle and thread to hand weave styles with a modern sensibility. Her jewelry can be found in Cedar & Hyde Mercantile in Boulder.

DFL Offering Half-Price Adoption Fees to Help Pets from Pueblo

If you’ve been considering adopting a cat or a dog, now is the time to do so!
The Denver Dumb Friends League has an urgent need to make space in their shelters in order to support the critical situation with pets at Community Animal Services of Pueblo. As a result, the Dumb Friends League is offering 50% off adoption fees for all cats and dogs one-year-old and older at both the Quebec Street Shelter in Denver and the Buddy Center in Castle Rock through Wednesday, April 3.
Adopting a pet today will help DFL provide care to animals who desperately need it. Adopters can visit or come into one of the shelters to meet animals looking for new homes.

All adoptions include spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip ID and a free office visit with a participating veterinarian. The standard adoption screening process still applies during all reduced-fee promotions.

POC Trans Docu-Series AMERICA IN TRANSITION Premieres on Revry on International Trans Day of Visibility

In honor of International Transgender Day of Visibility, global streaming network Revry will premiere the award-winning, Sundance-backed documentary series America in Transition (AIT), a Revry Original that explores the community, family, and social issues of trans people of color across in the United States - capturing real life for a veteran turned activist, an immigrant seeking home, a woman living with HIV healing from trauma, and a model navigating family life.  

Transgender Filmmaker, educator and community Organizer, André Pérez, founded the Trans Oral History Project in 2008 motivated by the isolation he felt growing up in a military family in Virginia.  Perez journeyed across the country to document the subjects of the series.  Each of the four episodes explores one person’s story in depth, tackling intersectional issues such as HIV criminalization, living as trans in the South, family acceptance, trans exclusion from the military, and immigrant detention. 

America in Transition is a compelling and powerful portrait of trans people surviving in a world built for their exclusion.  André Pérez tells these stories with the empathy and understanding that only another trans person can.”   
—Zachary Drucker, Producer of Transparent

"America In Transition (AIT) was initially inspired by my own experience coming of age in North Carolina and starting my transition as a youth in rural Vermont,” said creator André Pérez. "I had questions about everything from health care access to navigating relationships, but I had no one to ask. Without role models or institutional support, I felt like I had to come to the city to find myself. I went on to found the Trans Oral History Project. Over the past seven years, I’ve interviewed trans folks across the country who express parallel stories of being told trans didn’t fit with other aspects of our personhood. How can you be trans and Muslim or black or Mexican or Southern? We found ways to reconcile the seemingly disparate parts of who we are."
2015 was heralded as the “transgender tipping point,” but 2016 has brought some of the most regressive civil rights legislation in modern US history. Trans people have become the targets of radical social conservatives who are leveraging fear and ignorance to create a social climate of increasing and unrelenting hostility - a culture war, as Southern lawmakers fight the federal government in order to protect the supposed “right” for businesses (MS and NC), schools (TX), and even health professionals (TN and TX) to discriminate against transgender people. AIT uses character-driven storytelling in order to highlight issues of importance to trans people in marginalized communities.
At its heart, AIT is about how environments shape who we are. It will complicate notions of social change in underrepresented communities. This is a crucial moment to help people understand how trans realities differ based on identity, geography, and social context. The world is changing for the white, upper-middle class people we see on mainstream television, but trans people of color, immigrants, and working class families face a different world. AIT focuses on relationships as it explores where, when, and how change happens in a complex individual, a diverse community, and a divided nation.   

Along with the series premiere March 29th on just before the March 31st Trans Day of Visibility, America in Transition will be partnering with more than 20 institutions around the country to build community, amplify trans people of color’s voices, and activate accomplices.  Go to for additional information about this and other available LGBTQ+ content.

DNC on House Democrats Passing Resolution Condemning Trump’s Trans Ban

DNC LGBTQ Media Director Lucas Acosta released the following statement after Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Joe Kennedy, and House Democrats overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning President Trump’s ban on transgender Americans serving in the military:

“Today, House Democrats took a stand against hate by rejecting President Trump’s arbitrary and discriminatory ban on transgender Americans serving in our military. Discrimination is not a national security strategy. In fact, the Department of Defense’s decision to implement this unnecessary policy weakens our military, ignores science, and flagrantly disregards the opinions of military leaders with decades of experience.

“A man who has never served a day in the military, and who finagled his way out of service with a series of deferments for ‘bone spurs’, shouldn’t be deciding on a whim who can and cannot serve their country. Each and every day, transgender service members fight alongside their cisgender peers to defend the safety and security of our country. Rather than attack their identity, we should celebrate their bravery, patriotism, and sacrifice.

“Thank you to Speaker Pelosi, Congressman Joe Kennedy, the Equality Caucus, and House Democrats for standing with the transgender community and leading with our values.”

Monday, March 25, 2019

It's LGBTQ Health Awareness Week!

By Cara Cheevers, MSW, Policy Director, One Colorado
Happy LGBTQ Health Awareness Week!
We've made a lot of progress in Colorado in the last few years to improve health outcomes for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Coloradans and their families - in part due to policy changes like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid expansion, non-discrimination protections within the insurance marketplace, and the benefits that come with the freedom to marry. 
Yet, there is much work to do. More LGBTQ Coloradans - especially transgender people - struggle to afford quality and inclusive care, and they often have to travel long distances to find a provider who will take their insurance. Experiences with harassment and discrimination have increased, and fewer people report these experiences to authorities. Behavioral health outcomes - including anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide - have grown worse. We're at a critical turning point to improve LGBTQ health in the state.
This week, we're talking about how we can close the gap between lived and legal equality for LGTBQ Coloradans within our health system. You can follow us on social media on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for daily information on behavioral health, the importance of reflective identity documents for transgender Coloradans, access to health care, gender-affirming health care, and overall health and well-being. Join us in building on the momentum of the last few years to make our state the healthiest and safest place for all Coloradans.

HRC Partners With Award-Winning Directors Dustin Lance Black and Paris Barclay on Star-Studded “Americans for the Equality Act” Public Education and Advertising Campaign


Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) civil rights organization, announced the launch of a star-studded Americans for the Equality Act public awareness and advertising campaign filmed by award-winning directors Dustin Lance Black and Paris Barclay. The series, which launches today with a debut video featuring Academy Award-winning actress Sally Field and her son Sam Greisman, will feature prominent figures in entertainment, sports and beyond speaking about the need for the Equality Act — a crucial civil rights bill that would extend clear, comprehensive non-discrimination protections to millions of LGBTQ people nationwide.  

Currently, 50 percent of LGBTQ Americans live in one of the 30 states without statewide legal non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people -- leaving millions at risk of being fired, denied housing, or refused service because of who they are or whom they love. The Equality Act would guarantee existing civil rights laws apply to LGBTQ people by providing clear, consistent non-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation or gender identity across key areas of life, including employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces and services, federally-funded programs and jury service.

Reintroduced in Congress on March 13, the measure has unprecedented support from nearly 70 percent of Americans, more than 280 members of Congress, 170 major businesses and more than 300 social justice, religious, medical and child welfare organizations. Recent polling finds that a growing majority of Americans support federal non-discrimination protections and LGBTQ equality. A recent survey by PRRI found that nearly seven in 10 Americans support laws like the Equality Act, including majorities in every single state and majorities of Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike.

Over the coming days and weeks, HRC will roll out videos from a powerhouse lineup of supportive film and television actors, influencers, musicians and professional athletes, including Adam Rippon, Shea Diamond, Alexandra Billings, Blossom Brown, Charlie and Max Carver, Dustin Lance Black, Paris and Christopher Barclay, Gloria Calderon Kellett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Lynch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita, Justina Machado, Karamo Brown, Marcia Gay Harden, and Nyle DiMarco. The new series is modeled after HRC’s successful Americans for Marriage Equality campaign. The campaign will continue as the legislation is considered in Congress, with additional videos being produced.

“This is an exceptionally important effort, and I'm so proud to have had the opportunity to both direct this series and participate with my family,” said Emmy Award-winning director Paris Barclay. “So much of the progress of the LGBTQ movement has hinged on our ability to tell our stories and move people — and that’s the same spirit with which we’ve approached this compelling project. I was moved by the stories from the talented people participated in this campaign. We join them in working to make history again by passing the Equality Act.”

“Every American deserves a fair shot at a job to support themselves and their family, and the security of a roof over their head,” said Academy Award-winning director Dustin Lance Black. “These are key ingredients in what we’ve long cherished as our ‘American Dream.’ But until the Equality Act is signed into law, this dream may not be a reality for far too many Americans in many areas of our wild and wonderful country. I believe we must all share our personal stories and struggles with our fellow Americans in order to help this great dream become a reality for more of our loved ones, coworkers, and neighbors.”

“The advocates and artists featured in HRC’s ‘Americans for the Equality Act’ video series amplify the chorus of voices urging Congress to pass the Equality Act,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “The harsh reality is that LGBTQ Americans still face real and persistent discrimination in their everyday lives, and Congress must pass the Equality Act to protect them. We’re grateful for these incredible champions for using their voices and platforms to help ensure every person is treated equally under the law, no matter who they are or who they love.”

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Are You Gay With Something To Say? Bloggers Wanted For Denver's Best Gay Blog!

Are you a new or experienced writer or blogger? Do you want to be? Or maybe you're just some gay guy with something to say? Well, what better forum for you than MileHighGayGuy?

MileHighGayGuy is looking for regular and guest bloggers to write about local news and events, do music and movie reviews, or write opinion or feature pieces from a gay perspective.

These are unpaid positions but offer the opportunity to be published in Colorado's Best Gay Blog (2010, 2011, 2012 OUTstanding Awards, Denver 2012 #WebAwards), expand your audience and gain valuable experience. There's also swag available in the form of free movie and concert tickets, music, books and other cool stuff.

If interested, shoot an email over to Drew Wilson at And if you've got column or story ideas to pitch, this is the place to do it.

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Do You Want To Reach Denver's Gay Community? Advertise With Denver's Best Gay Blog!

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New Student Design Competition Announced

MOA has announced a new design competition element to their Design and Build program! MOA is seeking conceptual designs for a makerspace that utilize a blend of architecture and sculpture in 2019. The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate student teams, nationwide! Prizes total $9,500! Entries are due May 31st.

Lizzo - Tempo

Lizzo has released her latest track from her upcoming full-length debut album Cuz I Love You. “Tempo” featuring labelmate Missy Elliott is available now at all DSPs and streaming services.

“Tempo” follows last month’s release of title track “Cuz I Love You” along with companion video, which already boasts over 1 million views on YouTube. CUZ I LOVE YOU is available for pre-order now HERE, with all pre-orders receiving instant grat downloads of “Cuz I Love You” and the LP’s blockbuster first single, “Juice.” A special CUZ I LOVE YOU T-Shirt Bundle – joined by an exclusive Lizzo T-shirt – is available now HERE.

Lizzo will celebrate CUZ I LOVE YOU with her upcoming sold out “CUZ I LOVE YOU TOUR,” set to get underway April 22 and coming to Denver on May 1. For complete details and ticket information, please visit

Are You Gay With Something To Say? Bloggers Wanted For Denver's Best Gay Blog!

Are you a new or experienced writer or blogger? Do you want to be? Or maybe you're just some gay guy with something to say? Well, what better forum for you than MileHighGayGuy?

MileHighGayGuy is looking for regular and guest bloggers to write about local news and events, do music and movie reviews, or write opinion or feature pieces from a gay perspective.

These are unpaid positions but offer the opportunity to be published in Colorado's Best Gay Blog (2010, 2011, 2012 OUTstanding Awards, Denver 2012 #WebAwards), expand your audience and gain valuable experience. There's also swag available in the form of free movie and concert tickets, music, books and other cool stuff.

If interested, shoot an email over to Drew Wilson at And if you've got column or story ideas to pitch, this is the place to do it.

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