Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Travel: Discovering Tucson

At first glance, Tucson doesn’t look like much, despite its perfect mountain backdrop, some interesting nineteenth-century Western architecture, a lot of strip malls, and a sprawling, very Southwestern setup. Then you explore a little more. The buildings might not look like prize-winners, but step inside. You’ll find a gorgeous restaurant, a gallery full of cutting-edge work, a design store with an international collection, or a funky coffeehouse. There’s a relaxed, unhurried quality that’s appealing, and that’s how you have to take Tucson. Explore the natural wonders surrounding the city, and indulge in the pleasures this sprawling and lovable town has to offer. It’s not going to jump out and grab you, like New York or Chicago. It’s going to sit there and wait for you to realize that not only is there more here than meets the eye, but that the “more” is actually amazingly pleasurable.

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