Monday, November 30, 2009

Jon Barrett named Editorial Director of Advocate Group

It was announced today that Jon Barrett has been named Editorial Director of the newly formed Advocate Group. Barrett now oversees the editorial voice for the brand’s numerous extensions, including The Advocate’s print, online, and television iterations and the HIV Plus brand as well as and, which also now operate under The Advocate Group banner.

“For 40-plus years The Advocate has grown, evolved, and transformed becoming the LGBT community’s news source of record,” said Stephen Macias, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Here Media. “As Editor in Chief, Jon Barrett injected a fresh and distinct editorial voice into The Advocate and As The Advocate continues to embrace technological advances, we created The Advocate Group to encompass the new dimensions and platforms for delivering the award-winning content produced by our outstanding staff of writers and editors. We look forward to Jon’s innovative leadership extending to the expanded Advocate Group.”

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In his new role Barrett will grow the iconic Advocate brand as it continues its high standards of print journalism, breaks and reports news multiple times a day online, and debuts its monthly hour-long television magazine turning the Advocate lens on issues important to the LGBT audience. Barrett also takes over the editorial direction for the HIV Plus brand, which continues to provide provides the advice, tools, and personal stories to motivate readers to make the best of their friendships and relationships, work and leisure time, treatment, and overall sense of health and wellness.

Additionally, Barrett will guide the editorial direction of, which provides entertainment, travel, and lifestyle news, as well as, a leading women’s website providing exclusive, informative content on everything from pop culture and politics to travel, health, and lifestyle.