Monday, September 13, 2010

Can Nicki Minaj bridge the gay rap gap?

Kanye West even recently proclaimed that she may become the second-biggest rapper of all time, behind Eminem. Nicki Minaj, the 25-year-old music sensation, has already stolen the spotlight on songs with pop heavyweights Mariah Carey and Usher, all while playing hip-hop’s most dangerous game: sexuality roulette. With snappy, bi-curious lyrics and out-of-this-world costume changes, Minaj is soaring in the most peculiar way.

She even muses about hitting the road with her mentor, Lil Wayne. “Normally, Wayne probably wouldn’t have gay guys coming to see his shows much, but they’re definitely a big part of my movement, and I hope they’d still come out and see me,” she says. “I think that will be really, really interesting, just to start bridging that gap. We’ll see.”

Does she have what it takes to change rap’s historically homophobic landscape forever? Check out her interview in the new issue of OUT to find out.

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