Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pride Day at Elitch Gardens: Buy tickets online for special discounts!

On Monday, June 18, Pride Day at Elitch Gardens (aka Gay Day at Elitch's) is back and better than ever for 2012!

It's also official for the first time this year and that means if it's a big hit, they will be able to start doing things like bringing in special entertainment and reserving areas and doing special parties and events.

I want that. You want that. So let's make Pride Day at Elitch Gardens a smashing success. Buy your tickets today. Then text your friends and tell them to buy their tickets today. Then talk to your HR person about scheduling a vacation day on Monday, June 18. If you don't have any vacation days left then start coughing and complaining of a fever today at work. Then be real dramatic about it tomorrow. Then call in sick Sunday night (text if you're someplace loud like the PrideFest After Party at Climax) and take yourself to Elitch Gardens the next morning to enjoy a whole day of gay guys, roller coasters and water slides.

Yup, ticket price also includes admission to the water park, baby!

Click here for tickets and more information.

All the gay guys love Pride Day at Elitch Gardens

Todd in front of the Ferris Wheel
Ross says "hey!"