Friday, November 9, 2012

Op/Ed: These Republicans Will Never Rule Again -- What the American Election Has to Teach the World

By Marten Weber

There are times when it hurts not to be American. On election night, I regretted nothing more than not holding an American passport. I would have voted. I wanted desperately to be a part of this resounding victory of reason over bigotry. 

In my books, I often make fun of American attitudes and stereotypes. That does not mean I do not care deeply for this country. American elections fascinate me. Nowhere on earth do so many people from such diverse backgrounds decide on a common future.

So what does Obama's re-election have to teach the world? One thing: the culture wars are over. These elections were not about abortion, guns, gays, or god -- they were about demographics. If you sift through the data on the various websites, a clear picture emerges: Mitt Romney stands for older, white men. He stands for conservative tribal attitude and antiquated bible-babble.

Obama got the vote of young people from all walks of life -- from people who want consensus over partisan bickering, equality instead of tribalism, reason rather than fairy tales, and economic fairness instead of damaging capitalism.

These Republicans were stupid enough to alienate every non-white, non-male, non-gun-toting-bible-waving constituency in America. They insulted women, ignored gay people, offended Latinos, disregarded Asians, and made a mockery of the American dream of inclusiveness and equal opportunity. So they lost, and they lost big time!

Obama did not win by a small margin. It was a resounding victory. Romney lost in every swing state on the map. And that says a lot about the future. Swing states predict where things are headed, and the message is clear: these Republicans will never rule again.

Conservative attitudes are passe. You can't win an election anymore in the most diverse country in the world, by ignoring minorities or patronizing women. You cannot win by conflating church and state. You cannot win an election any longer by disparaging gays and lesbians. You cannot win an election by pandering to outmoded principles of winner-takes-all. The white angry men of brutal capitalism are doomed. These Republicans are doomed.

Notice I say 'these.' The Republican party may well regain its footing. It may rise from the ashes with new policies and new slogans. It may win future elections. But it cannot do so without embracing diversity and equality, sooner or later.

The message for the rest of the world is clear: we are all headed for a world of inclusion, a world of tolerance and respect for other lifestyles. We are also headed for a world where values other than money and church dictate our daily lives. We are headed for a bright future.

I cried when Ohio turned blue. I wept when Obama gave his speech. I hope with all my heart that he has what it takes to push through the necessary reforms and bring about true change in America. Without the worry of re-election, he now has a free hand. Let change come for real, and let it be a beacon of liberty and tolerance in the world! Thank you, America!

Marten Weber is an author who has just released his sixth novel BODENSEE.  This post originally appeared at and is reprinted with permission.