Monday, July 1, 2013

Matt Kailey is Everywhere You Want to Be!

Award-winning author, speaker, and activist Matt Kailey is always popping up where you least expect him. Here he is smiling at us from the home page of Metropolitan State University of Denver where he teaches one of the few Transgender Studies college classes in the country. 

Topics covered in the class include basic transgender terminology and etiquette (did you know that there’s a “T-word” that is generally considered an unacceptable slur?); the history of the transgender movement and transgender people (did you know that the Obama administration was the first to appoint an openly trans woman to an important government post?); social, medical, and legal issues (did you know that Colorado was the first venue ever to issue a hate crimes finding in the murder of a trans person?); transgender children and youth (did you know that a Colorado Girl Scout troop caused a national controversy by admitting a transgender scout?); resources for transgender people and service professionals (did you know that Colorado has one of the oldest gender centers in the country?); and many other topics essential to an understanding of transgender people and issues.

Kailey also writes and sells books. You should buy some!