Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Gay Vegans: A Healthy Addition - Beets

By Dan Hanley

I have always loved beets.

On my journey to eating more whole foods and to embrace a more healthy lifestyle, during my last grocery outing I bought more fresh veggies than processed food. Don’t get me wrong, I love processed foods. And at 51, I am once again trying to fit them in as a treat and not part of my daily eating ritual.

The fresh veggies I purchased included beets with the greens still attached. I knew beet greens were good, and was reminded of how delicious they are when I cooked them up as a side for dinner. Simple really, just a little oil, salt, pepper and garlic and voila!

With the beets themselves, I cut them up and steamed them and added them to a few dinners during the week. Super easy and in my readings I am learning that beets can do my body good.

Check them out next time you’re in the market. 

If you have a favorite beet recipe, I would love to know about it!