Wednesday, February 6, 2019

MAP: Advancing Acceptance for Transgender Youth

Many people don’t understand what it means to be transgender or gender diverse, so some parents and friends may have questions or struggle at first. It’s critical for families to know that their words and actions can have a profound impact on their children.
Today the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), the Biden Foundation, and Gender Spectrum launched a new campaign called “Advancing Acceptance” to raise awareness of the importance of family and community acceptance in the lives of transgender and gender diverse youth. The campaign provides crucial resources for friends and family who may have questions, be struggling with acceptance, or who are looking for ways to support transgender or gender diverse youth.
Click here to read the exclusive story from NBC News.
For transgender youth, sometimes a supportive family can make the difference between a happy, healthy, thriving child—or one at greatly elevated risk of depression, suicidal behavior and other harmful outcomes. Research shows that trans youth with families that support and affirm their gender are at significantly lower risk of experiencing suicidal thoughts or risk, depression, anxiety, or self-harming behaviors. Transgender youth with supportive families are also much more likely to have higher self-esteem and overall health, compared to transgender youth with unsupportive families. Community support matters too; for example, transgender and gender diverse youth with supportive schools, such as those with gender and sexuality alliances (GSAs) or supportive staff and administration, have better health and higher school attendance.
The “Advancing Acceptance” campaign includes the debut of a new ad called “Journeys: The Berman-Ruth & Wylie Families,” which showcases the Berman-Ruth family and their close family friends, the Wylie family, discussing how they have supported their son, Xander, a transgender boy, through his transition.
Watch "Journeys: The Berman-Ruth & Wylie Families" and share it on social media using #advancingacceptance
In addition the campaign includes a new infographic, a clearinghouse of helpful links, tips for advancing the conversation, and policy recommendations geared toward promoting acceptance within families and communities of transgender and gender diverse youth. Learn more at
The Advancing Acceptance campaign encourages supporters of trans and gender diverse youth—including LGBTQ youth, parents, siblings, educators, social service providers, coaches, and others—to share their stories, which will be included as part of the Biden Foundation’s “As You Are” campaign. These stories will help highlight the critical importance of affirming, accepting, and supporting transgender and gender diverse young people.

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