Wednesday, May 22, 2019

April Showers Bring May….. KITTENS!

By Lindsay Ganassa, Executive Director 
This spring, help save the lives of cats and kittens in need!

As the cold, snowy days move farther out of sight, and the warmer weather draws near, there is an abundant sense of excitement and joy that accompanies these sunny spring days. But did you know that May also marks the beginning of “kitten season?” From early spring until late fall each year, there is a significant rise in birth rates for stray and feral cats – further contributing to cat overpopulation and growing the number of homeless felines that face life on the streets.

At The Feline Fix, we perform spay and neuter surgeries on thousands of feral cats each year, preventing countless unwanted cats from being born on the streets. To date, we have spayed or neutered more than 40,000 underserved cats. In addition, we socialize and find loving, forever homes for more than 200 kittens each year through our foster and adoption programs, providing second chances and bright futures.

At The Feline Fix, we exist to champion the welfare of ALL cats, especially the most vulnerable. We envision a world where cats live a life free from suffering. Your generous and compassionate support today will help us move closer toward that goal, and will save the lives of the cats that need us most this kitten season. 

Thank you for your kindness!