Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Books: Simply Gourmet

Simply Gourmet — the title says it all. Open this beautiful cookbook and prepare to be transported to the wonderful world of Rivky Kleiman’s SIMPLE to prepare yet GOURMET in taste recipes. Rivky is the co-author of the very popular Bais Yaakov Cookbook and is celebrated in the kosher culinary world for her passion in presenting recipes that really work.

Simply Gourmet
features over 135 recipes from appetizers, salads, and brunch, lunch & beyond, to soups, fish, meat, poultry sides, and desserts. Each of Rivky’s recipes is beautiful to serve, delicious to eat, and, with its clear instructions and easily available ingredients, so simple to prepare!

“Life has become so fast paced that one aspect of my goal in creating this cookbook is to alleviate the stress of feeding families in record time,” Rivky says. “I wrote this cookbook after being urged by friends and readers for a complete cookbook with easy, doable recipes that simply work! My style and niche have always been traditional leanings with an updated twist. I tried very hard to develop recipes that will work with our very fast-paced society, where the average home cook has the desire to turn out nutritious and delicious meals but always is short on time.”

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