Wednesday, June 12, 2019

DNC on Third Anniversary of Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Tom Perez released this statement on the third anniversary of the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida:

“Three years ago today, in the middle of Pride Month, America witnessed a horrific attack on the LGBTQ community, the Latinx community, and LGBTQ people of color everywhere. 49 Americans were brutally murdered, dozens more were injured, and our nation was forever shaken.

“It’s long past time to honor the victims of this tragedy with action. We must combat the hatred that turned a night of celebration into a nightmare of bloodshed. And we must change the dangerous and irresponsible gun laws that enable evil people to take so many innocent lives in our country every single day.

“The Democratic Party is leading the way by passing commonsense legislation to reduce gun violence and give LGBTQ Americans the full equality they deserve. Democrats believe diversity is our nation’s greatest strength, and we will never stop fighting to ensure that everyone is safe from violence and discrimination – no matter what they look like, where they come from, who they love, or how they pray.”