Monday, June 10, 2019

Mega Bog - Truth In The Wild

Today, Mega Bog shares "Truth In The Wild," the latest single off her forthcoming new album Dolphine. Gorilla Vs. Bear, who premiered the song and its accompanying video today, write, "The dream-like video... acts as the perfect visual complement to the song's breezily mystical vibe, offering a misty window into Birgy's mind. Her vivid, almost mantra-like free association lyrics elegantly flowing over the measured, jazzy instrumentation, as she blurs the lines between the surreal and the profound in a way that she seems able to do like none other."

The video was directed by Vanessa Haddad, who says it "melds inspiration from early Top of the Pops-style live-music performances and the science-fiction worlds of Ursula K. Leguin, especially her story 'Diary of a Rose.' In the story, a 'psychoscopist' uses new technology to view the projected subconscious imagery of her patient."

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