Friday, August 2, 2019

Reconstructing Cinderella City: The Rise and Fall of a Mid-Century Shopping Fairytale

MOA has teamed up with Denver Modernism Week and The Cinderella City Project to host an engaging presentation and digital virtual tour of the rise and fall of a mid-century shopping fairytale.

Experience the colorful history behind one of Colorado's most famous and quirky shopping centers. Presenter Josh Goldstein will explore the forces, trends, and little-known facts behind the rise and fall of Cinderella City.

Josh will also take you on a virtual tour of the mall using a 3-D model driven by video game technology, where he has been accurately reconstructing every detail of this massive shopping center! Still a work in progress, The Cinderella City Project is an effort to digitally reconstruct the mall in distinct time periods for an immersive history experience.

Fun Fact! MOA currently occupies part of the last remaining buildings that was originally part of Cinderella City Mall.

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