Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Denver Animal Shelter: Why Adopt a Senior Pet?

We all love puppies and kittens. But these youngsters have a lot to learn and can be a big commitment. Skip the potty/behavior training and teething by adopting a senior pet this November! Here are just a few reasons to love aging animals: 

• Older pets have better manners. They're often already socialized, know basic commands, and are usually potty-trained.

• Senior pets are less destructive. Don't fear for your couch, your shoes, your potted plants and curtains – an older animal will be more excited by your affection than testing out its teeth and nails.

• They bring sunshine to gray times of the year. Older dogs are less likely to pull on their leash. This is especially nice in the colder months when a patch of ice and a pulling dog can cause a slip, and when a cuddly cat in your lap warms you up like a steaming cup of cocoa.

• They have a calming effect. If your life feels bonkers at times, adding a puppy or kitten to the mix isn't going to make things any easier. A senior pet resting its chin on your knee or swirling against your legs can help you brush off the chaos of the workday. 

There are several senior pets available for adoption at Denver Animal Shelter. Come meet your new companion, visit their adoptables online, like Smoky (above), November's Featured Senior Pet.