Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Get OUT the Vote, Gay Colorado - Today is Election Day!

Today is Election Day!

While WHO you vote for is always private, whether you vote is public record. If you recently voted, thank you! If you haven't voted yet, it’s too late to put your ballot in the mail, but you can still drop it off or vote in person. It's people like you who will decide the future of our state by returning your ballot by 7 pm today.

This election is important – many contests will be so close that a very small number of votes will determine the outcome. Click here to find the nearest Voter Service Center in your county

If you have a mail ballot, you have to drop it off by 7pm. Click here to find out where.
If you want to vote in person, you can go to any Voter Service & Polling Center in your county before 7pm tonight. This site will help you find one close to you & this FAQ page will help you figure out what kind of ID to bring. 

If you’re not registered to vote, you can still register and then vote at any Voter Service and Polling Center in your county before 7pm tonight. Click here to find the one nearest to you.

Make sure you make a plan to vote by 7 PM TODAY, Tuesday, November 5th, Election Day. It’s time to join the millions of Coloradans who will vote this year.