Thursday, November 7, 2019

'Zane To The Rescue' - A Children's Book About a Shelter Dog That Rescued His Two Dads

For over 15 years, James Donio served as president of the Music Business Association, helping build the future of the music industry. While music has always been important in James's life, there was also another guiding force: his love of animals and the cocker spaniel, Zachary, that he shared with his husband, Larry. 

When Zachary passed away, James and Larry were heartbroken... leading them on a journey to rescue another dog from their local animal shelter.

Zane to the Rescue
currently available on Amazon, tells the true story of James and Larry and how by deciding to save a shelter pet, they found themselves getting saved in return. A story about healing after a pet loss, the importance of adopting shelter pets, and a look into a furry family with two dads, Zane to the Rescue is an inspiring tail... ahem! ...tale about the miracles that can happen when you open up your heart.