Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Nancy Podcast Explores the World of Kids Who do Drag

NANCY— a critically-acclaimed podcast featuring queer stories and conversations returned yesterday with a new season. Co-hosted by best friends Kathy Tu and Tobin Low, NANCY has been praised by TIME as a “radically honest podcast on LGBTQ issues” and as “heartfelt and hilarious” by OUT Magazine.

This season, the show will air new episodes biweekly, exploring a wide range of topics on everything from how to find a queer therapist of color, to asexuality, to gay animals, to discussing the important LGBTQ rights at stake this election season.

The new episode—Dress of Choice—explores the controversial world of kids who do drag. It’s a complicated issue that involves adoring fans, angry detractors, and parents who are just trying to figure out how to let their kids be who they want to be.