Tuesday, July 21, 2020

PFLAG National calls out White House on "illegal aliens"

Today, the White House issued a memo to reduce the time of the Census, resort to sampling, and direct the Sec. of Commerce not to count "illegal aliens" in reapportionment.

Brian K. Bond, Executive Director of PFLAG National, released the following statement:

“Dear Mr. President, while Martians and other space creatures may be aliens, human beings are not. The U.S. Constitution plainly states that all persons get to be counted for the purposes of reapportionment of taxes and representatives. When all people count in the Census, we make sure communities get the monies needed to support schools, transportation, electricity, and other services. These race-baiting and discriminatory tactics to discourage people from filling out the Census and to also shorten the time of the Census are flatly un-American. They will disproportionately harm rural communities that depend heavily on federal investment and representation. PFLAG will continue to encourage all people to complete the Census without fear and to make sure everyone is counted.”