Friday, May 21, 2021

Books: The Art of Becoming Unstuck: Your Personalized Journey Through Consciousness in Search of Ultimate Happiness

Imagine life as a hot air balloon ride. You constantly aspire to go to higher altitudes for smooth, happy sailing. Yet each time you try, your sandbags pull you down to bumpy lower altitudes, where you face challenging situations, difficult people, and negative thoughts. You feel stuck, lost, and confused.

As a former finance executive, Arda Ozdemir found himself feeling exactly like that. After years of suffering from chronic health issues, depression, and anxiety, he decided to take matters into his own hands and found relief in unique meditation and self-awareness tools. Based on his journey of awakening, Arda developed his Rise 2 Realize POWER Method, a practical five-step process to guide people out of suffering and emotional pain toward achieving a higher personal and professional potential. From this practice, Arda put all the tools he developed in his new book, The Art of Becoming Unstuck: Your Personalized Journey Through Consciousness in Search of Ultimate Happiness, a guidebook for everyone to create the life they want.

Through the pages of The Art of Becoming Unstuck, Arda adeptly coaches readers through the mired waters of life offering freedom from our triggers and repeated patterns of behavior. As much as “owning your emotions” is popular advice these days, there has been very little information on how to actually do that. As readers explore the book, they will learn how to identify, understand, and release their sandbags in order to rise above destructive habits and thoughts and realize ultimate happiness.

“During my journey towards a happy and fulfilled life I realized that making major changes was scary. I knew I had to leave my comfort zone and challenge the security I’d built over years,” Arda explains. “This book was born from the personal transformation journey I was guided to take, and now I invite you to embark on your own incredibly rewarding self-discovery journey.”