Tuesday, June 29, 2021

LGBTQ Entrepreneur Pens Debut Dystopian Fantasy Novel, "Percenters and the Amber Pendant"

In this taut, post-apocalyptic thriller, Percenters and the Amber Pendant by P.H. Perrine, America is in ruins. The rich and powerful live in the Sovereign Sky Cities high above the toxic ozone layer on Earth. The rest are forced to live in the remnants of a society and environment they’ve ruined. Jenavive is one of the lucky Percenters and is turning sixteen. She is at the age where she is going to learn her fate, what her powers will be, but she stumbles upon a secret that will threaten her life.

The citizens of the Sovereign City Skies are super powerful humans and their bloodline determines their powers and their fate. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Jena learns there are people, a whole society, that don’t get the same life and privilege that she does. Far below the city there are the people of the Barrens who are not superhuman. They are cruelly oppressed and enslaved to the Percenters and forced to live in the toxic, desolate landscape that was once America.

Jena must undo the oppressions where the poor and powerless serve the rich. But there is a secret sect within the Percenters, the Cleansing Coalition, who will keep things the way they are and maintain how their society has lived for centuries. Jenna is determined to fight this injustice but will it cost her and her families’ life in the process?

Echoing the Divergent and Hunger Games series, Percenters and the Amber Pendant is a socially relevant novel dealing with the issues of climate change and the ever-widening gap of wealth between rich and poor in America today. P.H. Perrine is the owner of several LGBTQ matchmaking websites and a skin care line and is an entrepreneur. He has written non-fiction books, but this is his first novel. It's about unlikely heroes, female empowerment and divide between the rich and poor in a future dystopian America. He has known struggle as a young gay man growing up in the midwest and now lives in Austin, Texas.