Monday, July 19, 2021

Karman Project Announces New Effort to Foster Cooperation in Space

The Karman Project has launched a documentary film experience titled ‘The Space That Makes Us Human’, featuring some of the leading figures in today's international space ecosystem. It aims to attract new voices to the global space conversation in a critical moment for humanity, and to accelerate efforts to cooperatively build a future that explores and leverages space for the common good.

The Karman Project and its community of highly influential members have set the groundwork for strategic discussions on the future of space cooperation for positive impact. This initiative seeks to transmit this message of impact to a global audience by bridging science and the arts to resonate with space enthusiasts, global leaders and the greater public alike.

The documentary film experience focuses on important issues such as space technologies as critical enablers of education, connectivity and advances with respect to climate mitigation, as well as space governance and diplomacy. Viewers journey through four chapters exploring the deep relationship between space and humanity, curated by the Karman Community to reflect key space topics that they’ve committed to championing.

The project features a number of space leaders, including space diplomacy pioneer Jean-Jacques Dordain, former NASA Associate Administrator and current SpaceX VP William Gerstenmaier, current International Space Station astronaut Thomas Pesquet, social business investor Karen Hitschke and space entrepreneur Chris Boshuizen, who is using space technology to impact life on earth.

The documentary film experience features over 15 intimate interviews with interdisciplinary leaders and four artistic short film interpretations to be released on a bespoke digital platform built by renowned motion designers, creative coders and editors from around the world.

The initiative was brought to life by Berlin-based strategic creative and production agency Impolite Culture GmbH. The project was led by Executive Creative Director & Executive Producer Lorenzo Musiu and Creative Director & Strategist Elisa Amelia Bausch, in collaboration with a global team of over 200 people. It will premiere on the 19th July 2021, to an audience of around 2 million people on NOWNESS.