Monday, July 19, 2021

RENEE GOUST presents her new trans-activist norteño track EL CORRIDO DE SYLVIA RIVERA (FT. LA BRUJA DE TEXCOCO)

Renee Goust presents her new single "El Corrido de Sylvia Rivera", (featuring La Bruja de Texcoco), a jazz-tinged norteño tribute to one of the mothers of the LGBTQIA+ movement, the legendary trans rights activist Sylvia Rivera. In this song, Renee tells the story of the Stonewall uprising. This neo-corrido introduces queer liberation narratives into a typically conservative and chauvinistic music genre.

"Sylvia Rivera was a hero, a true fighter for the rights of queer and trans folks. To me, praising her tenacity and her struggle in the form of a corrido seemed like a necessary musical transgression. I really believe in reclaiming the genres that have been denied to us in a culture that has tried to deem us invisible. Collaborating with La Bruja de Texcoco has been wonderful. Hearing the voices of two gender-bending Mexican musicians sing together in praise of Sylvia feels so powerful to me."

El Corrido de Sylvia Rivera was produced by Renee Goust herself, tracked and mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Jeanne Montalvo, and mastered by 2 time Grammy-award winning engineer Margaret Luthar. Both "El Corrido de Sylvia Rivera" and “RESISTER”, her debut full-length album are now available on all digital platforms.

Renee Goust was also selected as a Cultural Ambassador for the U.S. Department of State’s program American Music Abroad.

“It’s exciting to have the opportunity to share my music, skills, and knowledge with people abroad via the U.S. Embassy. I’ll be able to collaborate with artists from a foreign country (yet to be assigned), learn about their culture and teach them about mine. I’m particularly interested in doing work with LGBTQIA+ communities, women, girls, and the elderly,” the songwriter commented.