Tuesday, July 27, 2021

"The Magnificent Meyersons," in theaters in August


The Magnificent Meyersons follows an ordinary but complicated New York City family as they discover on one extraordinary day that although life—and family—can sometimes shock you … it can also lead to miraculous new places.

It’s a day in New York City just like any other, as the Meyersons deal with the ordinary concerns and petty annoyances that preoccupy all families. Matriarch Terri (Kate Mulgrew) is an oncologist, whose husband (Richard Kind) abandoned the family years earlier, leaving her to raise overachiever Roland (Ian Kahn); Daphne (Jackie Burns), who struggles with her own marriage; Daniel (Daniel Eric Gold), now a reluctant rabbinical student; and Susie (Shoshannah Stern), an ambitious young real estate agent in a lesbian relationship with Tammy (Lauren Ridloff).

But the Meyersons’ lives are suddenly upended by dramatic revelations both personal and universal. Conversations about faith, fate and the meaning of it all that come to a head at a family dinner with an unexpected guest. As memories of their complicated past collide with a new and uncertain future, the Meyersons must navigate lingering heartbreak and shifting alliances as they are forced to reevaluate everything that they thought was true.

Premiering in New York City August 20 at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan; and Los Angeles August 27 at the Laemmle Town Center 5, Encino, the film is also available virtually on the websites of all locations.