Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Trade: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken

, written and directed by Trae Briers and produced by FFAM Group, LLC, is a hit! Trade tells the story of two people, one a streetwise hustler, the other a straight-laced lawyer, who meet and form a relationship that brings to light who they really are.

The social media presence of Trade has grown virally to over 5M views between Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and YouTube. In addition, Trade has received in excess of 20 million impressions, where more than half of all viewers are coming from South East Asia and Mexico. With Iflix, the largest streaming platform in Southeast Asia, Trade has streamed over 3,000,000 minutes in the Philippines since its release. Trade's newfound social media impact and its online popularity has allowed the film to find a home on multiple streaming channels. With the media collaborations of FilmHub, Amazon Spain, Amazon Latin America, Tubi TV, fearless, Avail TV, Watch Now, Revry TV, Gay Binge TV, and Obbod, Trade has grown to over 100,000 hours worldwide.