Monday, January 10, 2022

Batekoo Reveals the Daily Struggles of LGBTQ Brazilians

Red Bull Music unveiled the premiere episode of Season Three of Inspire the Night, a docuseries showcasing the lives of the creatives behind the world’s most exciting and progressive nightlife communities.


With the premiere of Season Three, Batekoo, showcases a collective of individuals, each facing their own daily battles with race and gender politics in modern day Brazil. Together, Wesley, Maurício, Artur, Kiara, Juju and Renata have created an inspiringly prolific event that has carved out a very much needed safe space for not only the Africian and LGBTQ communities within Brazil, but for anyone seeking warmth, love and compassion.


Batekoo is the face of a new generation of activists, creatives and politicians in Brazil who are challenging heritage institutions and providing a palette for others to feel inspired to do the same. Having expanded from their first parties in Salvador, Batekoo now hosts events in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and for the first time this year, had a huge presence during Carnival called Carnakoo.


As much as things change and move forward, there is still a need for more progress and inclusivity. Batekoo represents the reality more than half of the population of Brazil are currently facing, but these issues are global and the protagonists within this episode are faces reflected in stories from around the world daily.  “The ghetto youth have no economic or social condition, but they have the power to create their own culture” Activist and Artist, Leci Brandão states early in the episode.


Moving deeper into the lives of Batekoo Co-Founders Wesley and Maurício’s journey creating an event for the LGBTQ and Africian communities, Producer Artur’s battle with being a gay man and feeling safe walking down the street to work, singer Kiara’s transition from male to female, dancer and Batekoo Queen Juju’s struggle with a fatphobic family and activist Renata’s search for a platform to motivate others the discovery and universality of these struggles is complete: Batekoo’s story IS everyone’s story. This doc uncovers how nightlife creators do more than just build their dream places to party – they build dreams for whole new communities to live in.


We see Batekoo as a symbol of freedom. We’re here to resignify things.” -Batekoo Founder Maurício Sacramento