Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Futurity: The Aurora Fox is building a machine that creates peace and wants you there when they flip the switch!

The Aurora Fox has announced casting for the Colorado regional premiere of brand-new 
folk musical “Futurity” with music by César Alvarez and the Lisps, book and Lyrics by César Alvarez and story development and additional text by Molly Rice.

Futurity is a new musical that helps us imagine a different future for ourselves; and asks the question – what could we invent to stop violence? In a raucous, bold, and utterly unique way, Futurity sees its characters invent a machine of peace as it tries to stop the Civil War. Does it work? Find out while going on the most beautiful of rides.

“This musical is shifting the way we see musical theatre,” says Murray, who is hard at work in rehearsals for her last show before she leaves town. “I love that more and more musicals are engaging the actors as musicians, which is harder to cast, direct, music direct and choreograph – but the payoff is incredible. I am feeling pretty lucky to have Angela and Patrick as my collaborators on this piece – they are true innovators. And this cast is a complete delight. And
the music... I can’t stop singing it I love it so much!”

Murray also highlights that she picked the show very intentionally for this time in our world. “This show asks a big question – is there a way to create peace using science and art? This is not a love story between Julian and Ada during the Civil War, but rather a union of two minds who desperately want to change the world – out of a sense of purpose as well as for a basic reason – Julian wants to live. He wants all his fellow soldiers to live too, so the machine has to work.”

So, make your way to the Fox – watch as they build a giant machine for peace. And when it is turned on, hope along with them that it will work.