Friday, November 18, 2022

Orion Releases 'Sleep' from 'Tragic Magic'

ORION, founder and leader of viral breakout band, The Orion Experience, announced today the release of his second single & video for “Sleep” from his forthcoming 2023 sophomore solo album, Tragic Magic, is out today on all digital platforms.
Sometimes, when your heart has been broken, the only thing that can ease the pain is a sad, aching ballad. “Sleep” is just such a song. “Let me sleep for a thousand years, wipe the memory from my brain til I can’t recall your name.” ORION sings in a baritone that evokes the heartbroken poets of the past; Jim Morrison, Syd Barrett, Ian Curtis. ORION tends to see songs as colors, “Sleep”, of course was a deep violet blue. To capture that energy visually, ORION recruited modern artist, Elle Starlight to bring the album art and music video to life. Starlight’s use of physical make-up and digital witchery produced a stunning portrait of the ultimate break up song.