Friday, March 17, 2023

David Starr Releases New EP 'Better Me'

Prolific Colorado singer/songwriter David Starr, releases his latest EP Better Me on all digital platforms today with the final single, “Because You’re Right”. Rich with bright acoustic guitars, soulful grooves and lead vocals from Starr, and his signature storytelling lyrics, it is a stellar collection of songs that fires on all cylinders.

Track 4 on the release, “Because You’re Right” is the only song not written by Starr on the project, co-written by Erik Stucky, Bob Rea, and Chelsea Chaput. Premiering on The Bluegrass Situation on Monday, March 13, listeners got an early listen of the final installment of the EP. “Erik is one of my favorite artists, friends, and collaborators, so it’s fun to be able to sing a song that he wrote. I heard him play it at a gig one night and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. I think it shows that there are always two sides, and in love it’s often hardest, but best to compromise, as difficult as that may be,” Starr shares. Stucky can also be heard lending his mandolin parts to the recording.

The project as a whole ebbs and flows between the more Americana-infused sentimental songs “Because You’re Right,” “Some Angels Fly,” and “Any Chance Of Going Home,” to the bright and joyous title track “Better Me,” energetic love song “Closer To You,” and the raucous and rocking blues number “Poison The Water,” which features special call & response background vocals from Reverend Joseph Rice.