Tuesday, March 21, 2023

OUT on Digital and DVD: El Houb (The Love)

Writer-Director Shariff Nasr’s intimate, unique and commanding exploration of a man who comes out to his family, EL HOUB follows up a bravura festival run with a national release this Spring and will be available on digital and DVD on April 11.

Moroccan-Dutch Karim (Fahd Larhzaoui) tells his parents (Lubna Azabal and Slimane Dazi) that he is attracted to men. After years of keeping up appearances, the word is finally out. The difficult days that follow evoke beautiful and poignant memories. He realizes that he has to confront his family to finally break the silence. But in order to be accepted, he must come to terms with his own feelings first. Written by Nasr, Philip Delmaar and Fahd Larhzaoui, and produced by Joram Willink of BIND, EL HOUB will hit theaters March 31 and be available on DVD and Digital April 4 from Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment.

EL HOUB is inspired by main actor Fahd Larhzaoui’s personal experiences with coming out to his family. EL HOUB (meaning ‘the love’) focuses on the silent culture the director has observed in Arabic families – not only about homosexuality but cultural taboos in general.