Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Get Ready for a Witty and Hilarious Ride with Dekkoo's Original Gay Series, Marriage of Inconvenience - Streaming Tomorrow!

Don't miss the latest addition to's subscription streaming service: the new original series, Marriage of Inconvenience, set to launch on April 6th. This romantic comedy follows two strangers who enter a witness protection program and must pretend to be happily married in order to hide their identities from the dangerous people who want them dead.

Starring Jason T. Gaffney as Owen and David Allen Singletary as Franklin, the show has been called a 21st-century gay version of The Odd Couple. The two men couldn't be more different, and the only thing they have in common is that they're both gay. But as they live together as Mr. and Mr. Fulton, they find that they share something else: they can't stand each other.

Jason T. Gaffney not only stars in the series but also directed four of the episodes and co-wrote the show with his father, Ed Gaffney. He likens Marriage of Inconvenience to the Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, saying that the show has hilarious moments, but also touching, sad, and hopeful moments.

David Allen Singletary, who plays Franklin, agrees that the show has a little bit of everything. He describes it as "funny, touching, sad and hopeful" and says that at its core, it is a story of love and how it can come from unexpected places.

It's not just the show's plot that makes it worth watching. Jason T. Gaffney was careful to cast as many out LGBTQ+ actors as possible for the roles in Marriage of Inconvenience. Nearly all of the actors playing gay men are out gay men, including Jason Carceras as Lenny and Jewell Wilson Bridges as Peter. Even veteran comedic actor Alec Mapa makes a cameo appearance in the series.

As an actor of color, David Allen Singletary feels fortunate to have been cast as Franklin. He says that he is often asked to play roles that are based on stereotypes, such as a convict or gang member, so it's rewarding to play a role that reflects his own life.