Friday, May 26, 2023

Boulder Pride 2023: Celebrating Diversity, Inclusivity, and Progress in the LGBTQ+ Community

June is nearly here, and with it comes the much-awaited celebration of Pride! Pride month is a time for the LGBTQ+ community and allies to come together and celebrate the progress and achievements made towards equality and inclusivity. Boulder Pride, one of Colorado's most prominent Pride events, is no exception to this. We had the opportunity to speak with Juan Moreno, the Director of Corporate Sponsorships & Special Events for Boulder Pride, to learn more about what makes their event unique.

"Our events are a diverse mixture of efforts serving different pockets of the community. Whether you're sober or not, are looking for something more youth and family friendly, or are just looking to have a party, we have something for you!" Moreno said. Boulder Pride aims to create a safe and inclusive space where everyone can come together to celebrate diversity and inclusivity. The event showcases the vibrant culture of the LGBTQ+ community while also providing a platform to discuss the challenges they still face.

Boulder Pride has a packed schedule of events for Pride month, and Moreno shared some of the can't-miss events on the schedule, including the Boulder Pride Festival at Boulder Central Park on June 11th, Lafayette's Pride on the Plaza on June 15th, the Official Pride Party in Partnership with DV8 Distillery on June 17th, QTPOC Pride on June 18th, Queer Contenders on June 21st, and the Longmont Pride Festival on June 30th. Each of these events aims to provide a unique and inclusive experience for the attendees, from family-friendly events to late-night parties.

"Pride is more than just a party here in Boulder County," Moreno explained. "Our events are a time when the community can gather, new connections can be made, and an opportunity to engage with the work being done for LGBTQ+ folks across the state of Colorado." For the LGBTQ+ community in Boulder County, Pride is a time to celebrate their identities, connect with others, and work towards creating a more inclusive society.

"We plan on hosting a series of events that hit different pockets of the community. Check out our website when we begin launching events in mid to late April to plan out your entire month!" Moreno advised. Boulder Pride's website will be updated with information on all the events, making it easier for attendees to plan their Pride celebration in advance.

"Seeing all of the amazing faces that come out to enjoy the visibility of our community," Moreno said. "Not just that, but being able to include as many of our community members as possible." Boulder Pride aims to create an inclusive space where everyone can come together to celebrate their identities and feel a sense of belonging.

In conclusion, Boulder Pride is an event that everyone should attend. The celebration offers a diverse mixture of events that cater to different pockets of the community. It is a time to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and progress made towards equality for the LGBTQ+ community. Mark your calendars for the events that resonate with you and head over to Boulder Pride's website to plan out your entire month!